How Much Is Aircraft Mechanic Insurance?

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How Much Is Aircraft Mechanic Insurance?

Thinking about starting an aircraft maintenance business? Not sure about insurance? There’re many factors to consider when figuring out how much aircraft mechanic or aircraft maintenance insurance will cost. Some of these factors include:

The type of aircraft you most commonly work on will affect insurance premiums. As hull valve of aircraft increases so does the premium. Are you a mobile mechanic or do you have a hangar? The size of hangar and where it’s located can affect insurance premium cost as well. Do you have previous maintenance experience? The more incident free aircraft maintenance experience you have the better. Lastly, are you a new or existing aircraft maintenance business. If your new premiums could cost more.

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Do I Need Aircraft Mechanic Insurance?

Is aircraft maintenance insurance required for you to work on other peoples aircraft? No. Is it a good idea? Depends. Getting insurance is a decision to be made by the mechanic. The largest expense for a start-up aircraft maintenance company is probably going to be the insurance premium. Sometimes the aircraft owner/operater will have requirements you’ll have to meet. I’ve done low risk maintenance for customers I know well without insurance. Another trick is to ask the insurance broker to break your premium into payments.

What Does Aircraft Mechanic Insurance Cover?

Their are many aspects to insurance coverage. I’m not an insurance expert. Nor do I want to be one. When getting insurance ask questions about things you don’t understand. Insurance can be complex. You need to know your coverages. Types of insurance coverages include:


Aircraft maintenance insurance is strongly recommended. It adds additional protection to you and your assets. In addition, it brings peace of mind to aircraft owners. When starting out we recommend forming an LLC company with separate business bank accounts. This LLC will help separate your personal liability from your business. Insurance and forming LLC’s are both covered in our How To Start An Aircraft Maintenance Business Course.