How Grease Pilot Started

Grease Pilot was created by aircraft mechanics who’s mission became helping others looking for entpuruership in aviation. Tired of working fo other companies we set out to open our own aircraft maintenance companies. With the majority of our experience in light turbine and piston aircraft we purchased a small aircraft maintenance shop in the midwest. 

We quickly learned that the shop we purchased was riddled with poor business practices. So we began fixing them. We came up with a growth stratigy that yeilded an average of 50% revenue growth year over year. This stratigey stipped down the prior business model and build a new one centered around customer experience, automation, and customer aqusition. 

Why did we buy that first company? It was a great question. Looking back the only value we retained was the customer list. The rest was trash. So we opened another shop. This time from scratch. We emplmented our shop growth stratigy, and within 3 months had another self-sustained aircraft maintenance business. This is when we knew we had something special. 

After opening two more aircraft maintenance businesses we decieded that their was a shortage of quality aircraft maintenance facilities for small aircraft across the country! After realizing this issue we shifted our mission to solving the aircraft maintenance shop shortage. This is when Grease Pilot was Born.

Building Together

One of the issues we faced while opening the aircraft maintenance business was a shortage of mechanics. Often times we would find a great opportunity but were not able to find staff to fill the position. This is when we started investing more into our technicians. We adopted the build it together mentality and started offering ownership to the best technicians within our aircraft maintenance businesses. 

This mindset also supports Grease Pilots mission of solving the aircraft maintenance business shortage.The best way to solve this issue is to show others how to proplery set up and operate a profitable aircraft maintenance business. From start to finish we disected our system and created a simple yet comprehensive how to course on starting and operating a profitable aircraft maintenance business. 

We understand that you may want to teewk our system here and their. We encourage it. This course is a proven way, but its not the only way. To solve the shop shortage we wanted to prove a course that could open a maintenance business as quickly and as cost effectily as possible. We started all our shops on a shoestring budget and want to encourage other that they can too.

What To Expect

With Grease Pilot we focused on the actual processes that we used to open every aircraft maintenance business. In this course we will show you how to start with nothing and end up with a profitable aircraft maintenance business. The lessons within the course are short and to the point. As with all businesses their will be some effort on your part to perform each lesson. 

This course is broken down into 5 modules. Starting with business set up and ending with customer interactions. It is packed with forms and templates that have been used by many aircraft maintenance shops. We’ve also included all the venders that we used to get our businesses up and going. Our system is built to be simple, low cost, safe, and effective. The best aircraft maintenance business is one that provides a great service in a safe manner with high profits! 

Our course includes a start up checklist that corralates to each lesson. This helps you track your progress and easily access information for each task. Our goal was to create a course that was a simple step by step process. In this day and age its easy to get overwhelmed. In the world of business consistancy is key. Their will be good days and bad days, but as long as you keep progressing you will come out ahead.