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How To Start An Aircraft Maintenance Business Course

Aircraft Maintenance Business Course
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Aircraft Maintenance Business Course

All The Tools You Need To Quickly Start An Aircraft Maintenance Business

Aircraft Mechanic Course Online

Your Road Map To Freedom!

Weeks 1-4

Follow this step by step course and setup your business for success. Learn how to structure your business, setup an aircraft maintenance specific website, select the right service area geared for growth, learn how to bring customers in like clock work, see how to interact with aircraft owners and much more!

Weeks 5-6

Open for business! At this point you probably already had customers contact you if you’ve completed all the lessons in the course. These opening weeks give you an opportunity to perfect the processes learned in the course. How to interact with customers, work order flow,  and how to turn customers into advocates for your company!

Weeks 7-8

Time to push the throttles forward! Use the proven growth strategy in Module 4 for a startup aircraft maintenance company. It’s time to buckle up as we use the profits from the first couple of jobs to quickly grow the companies revenue to a point where you need to hire your first mechanic.

Not Owning An Aircraft Maintenance Biz


If your not happy with your 8-5 job or career it’s time to start something new! Life’s to short to spend 8 hours a day doing something your not satisfied with!

Owning An Aircraft Maintenance Biz


Owning a business is hard work, but if done correctly it will change your life! Wake up everyday wanting to go to work instead of dreading going to work!

Watch It

Watch each lessons video, led by an aircraft maintenance business professional

Read It

Read highlights of each lesson allowing you to remember the most important topics

Hear It

Each lesson is recorded in high definition audio, allowing you to easily hear lessons content

Get More Customers

One of the biggest hurdles with starting an aircraft maintenance business is getting customers. We’ll show you exactly what we do to get customers, keep customers, and turn customers into sales advocates for our company!

Learn From Our Mistakes

Years and years of testing and tweaking. Short cut your success by learning from our mistakes. Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours by following this course. See how you can start an aircraft maintenance business with 550.00$

Full Time Or Part Time

This course can be used to start an aircraft maintenance business part-time or full-time. Start as a side gig for extra income or dive in to make it your new career. The choice is yours! Simply follow the step by step process.

Forms & Templates

With the course comes 22 essential forms and templates needed to operate an aircraft maintenance business. These are aviation maintenance specific forms that have been used over and over again in the field. 

Work Order System

A balance of simple and efficient. Included is a work order system that’s responsible for generating millions in revenue. It’s reliability and easy of use make it a must have. Brand this system with your company and put it to work!

SEO Website Template

Bring customers in like clock work and set your website up for success. Use our example website that includes an SEO page geared towards ranking at the top of google. Simply copy this template to get your website up and going quickly.

Get More Income

Learn the system that has generated millions for our companies. We’ll show you how to select the right service area, how to start on a budget, how to deal with aircraft owners, and when to get hangar space. 

Learn How To Hire A&P's

Don’t take years to learn how to hire the right mechanic. It can ruin your companies finances and reputation. In this course you’ll learn our proven process to move mechanics through the interview process and weed out the duds before hiring them!

Customer Advocates

Learn how to turn your customers into free salesmen for your company! These customers will be so impressed they’ll advocate for your company! This multiplier effect is one of the many ways we teach in the course to grow your business.

I Made The Switch To Aircraft Maintenance Business Owner

Michael Sawyer Grease Pilot

I started my aviation maintenance career like many others. Got a good paying job, and was around airplanes all day. How could it get better? Shortly after being employed I desired more. I wanted to be more than a number. So I made the jump to business ownership.

Using the process thought in Grease Pilot’s How To Start An Aircraft Maintenance Business Course I opened a successful aircraft maintenance businesses with 550$ in less than a month! This may not be for everyone, but I’m so thankful I made the leap. I needed something like aviation entrepreneurship to fulfill my life. To this day I still get excited about waking up in the morning. Some people ask why do you work so much? To which I laugh and say work? This is what I love to do. It’s not working to me, it’s what I was meant to do. 

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