Working For An Aircraft Maintenance Company

See what it’s like to work for an aircraft maintenance company as an aircraft mechanic. In addition, see what the pay is like being an aircraft mechanic in each sector of aviation.

Aircraft Maintenance Company

Different Kinds Of Aircraft Maintenance Companies

Lets start by exploring the different kinds of aircraft maintenance businesses operating in the United States. In short, theirs’s a type of aircraft maintenance business to meet the need of every type of aircraft. That’s piston, turbo-propeller, jet, and rotorcraft. Some aviation maintenance companies work on multiple types of aircraft, for example piston and turbo-propeller.

Another way of looking at the types of aviation maintenance business is by the sector of aviation in which they serve. The four main sectors are general aviation, corporate aviation, airline, and military. Companies often focus on one sector of aviation maintenance, this allows them to be more successful as a company. 

General Aviation Maintenance Company

Examples: Examples of general aviation maintenance companies include: Arapaho AeroPhalanx Aviation, and Winterset Aviation. These aviation maintenance companies focus on providing aircraft maintenance to smaller aircraft. Aircraft maintenance customers in this sector include private aircraft owners, flight schools, charter aircraft, agricultural aircraft, skydiving aircraft, and sight seeing aircraft. The majority of these aircraft are piston or turbo-prop style aircraft.

General Aviation Maintenance Company

Day to Day Work: Working for a general aviation maintenance company is typically a more personal experience. It’s not uncommon for maintenance personal to inner act with the aircraft owners. These type of companies are typically smaller in employee numbers with some shops being a 1 man operation. Mechanics in general aviation shops typically get experience on every part of the aircraft. So if your looking to have a broad range of mechanic experience general aviation could be a good fit for you.

Starting A General Aviation Company: General Aviation is a great area to start an aircraft maintenance business if you don’t have as much money to invest. This is due to the lower cost of tooling, insurance, and facilities to operate a general aviation maintenance company. Individuals looking to start an aircraft maintenance company in this sector should possess or hire an A&P mechanic with an IA endorsement.

General Aviation Mechanic Pay: Pay for a general aviation mechanic is typically on the lower end for aircraft mechanics. This is due to the average invoice for customers in this sector being lower. To get higher pay in this sector mechanics will usually get promoted to manager positions or Start their own aircraft maintenance business

Average General Aviation Mechanic Pay (Avg): 24-26 Dollars Per Hr. / 52,000 Per Year

Corporate Aircraft Maintenance Company

Examples: Examples of corporate aircraft maintenance companies include Duncan Aviation, Wheels Up, and KCAC Aviation. These companies focus on providing aircraft maintenance on medium sized aircraft. These aircraft are typically turbo-propeller or jet style. A large majority of these aircraft are used for charter or for transporting executive members of corporations. 

Corporate Aircraft Maintenance Company

Day To Day Work: Day to day is a little less personal compared to general aviation. Shop sizes do increase and if you like working with other mechanics than you’ll enjoy larger mechanic crew sizes. Unlike general aviation many jobs on corporate aircraft will require a team of mechanics to perform. 

Starting A Corporate Aircraft Maintenance Company: As you may expect starting a corporate aircraft maintenance company is going to be harder to accomplish vs starting a general aviation maintenance company. This is mostly due to the increased cost of start up tooling, insurance and facilities. 

Corporate Aircraft Mechanic Pay: Corporate aircraft mechanics typically are paid in the mid range level of aviation mechanics. Although this depends on the company worked for. Corporate mechanics also typically receive decent benefits to include healthcare, dental, and retirement.

Corporate Aircraft Mechanic Pay (Avg): 26-28 Dollars Per Hr. / 56,000 Per Year

Airline Maintenance Company

Examples: A large number of airlines will do their own aircraft maintenance, but their are plenty stand alone aircraft maintenance companies serving the airline industry. These companies include AAR, AMS, and ST Aerospace. These aircraft maintenance businesses focus on providing aircraft maintenance services to the large jet aircraft market. These large jet aircraft are typically used for passenger airline and cargo transportation.

Airline Maintenance Company

Day To Day Work: Day to day work at an airline maintenance company is typically more structured and organized vs the other aircraft maintenance companies. As you can imaging it takes a small army to maintain a large jet aircraft. Mechanic’s follow process and procedures laid out by company policy and FAA procedures. 

Starting An Airline Aircraft Maintenance Company: This is a capital intensive endeavor, and requires a strong customer base to stay in business. A good way to get started could be acquiring a contract with an airline where the airline does not have an aircraft maintenance base. 

Airline Mechanic Pay: For decades the airline industry has been a great place to work and earn a reasonable wage as a mechanic. Mechanics in the airlines often earn top wages compared to other aviation mechanics. It’s not without its cons though. Airlines do have ups and downs. During rough times airline’s often layoff mechanics to reduce cost.

Corporate Aircraft Mechanic Pay (Avg): 28-30 Dollars Per Hr. / 60,000 Per Year

Military Aircraft Maintenance Company

Examples: Not every mechanic that works on military aircraft is an enlisted military member. Their are many private/public companies that maintain military aircraft. Some examples include: , L3 Aerospace, and King Aerospace. These company’s typically hold contracts with the government and military to provide aircraft maintenance services.

Day To Day Work: The day to day work largely depends on the companies size. Mechanics working for large military contract companies can be specialized to one area of the aircraft. Crew sizes needed to maintain military aircraft are similar to corporate or airline. Often times employees will require additional background checks to get clearance to work on military aircraft. 

Starting A Military Aircraft Maintenance Company: We are not familiar with how to start this type of company, but assume you will need to have connections or relationships with existing government officials. 

Military Contractor Aircraft Mechanic Pay: Pay for this type of work can be equal to or better than airline pay. This all depends on what company the mechanic works for. Often times mechanics are sent overseas to maintain aircraft. When this is the case pay is usually increased and taxes are not applicable. 

Starting An Aircraft Maintenance Company

Starting an aircraft maintenance business is a rewarding endeavor. We recommend new comers to aviation business to start a maintenance company in the sector. This is the lowest cost area to start an aircraft maintenance company. Don’t let the start up cost fool you. Revenue and profits from a general aviation maintenance company are more than generous enough to pay owners 6 figures or more yearly.

How To Start An Aircraft Maintenance Shop

Learn how to start an aircraft maintenance business with Grease Pilot. This course covers everything from no experience to accepting your first customer. Best of all its created by individuals who’ve opened multiple aircraft maintenance businesses in the United States.

How To Get An Aircraft Mechanic Job

So your a fresh or soon to be fresh A&P mechanic. You maybe asking yourself what do I do next? Great question! It really all depends on what sector of aviation your interested in. The first step in your journey is to decide what area of aviation you’d like to explore. 

Once you’ve narrowed down the area of aviation maintenance you’d like to work for it’s time to find someone who’ll employ you. Easier said than done! No worries it really boils down to one thing. STAND OUT AMONG YOUR PEERS! This can be done by putting extra effort into your resume, and CALLING the company you want to work for. 

Its not all about our licenses and education. Your A&P license opens the door for you. It’s up to you to let the world know you have an A&P license. Be professional when speaking with employers. They like to hear you talk about what your going to do for the company so feel free to let them know how you can help. 

Nothing is worse than putting a generic resume to gather and sending it to many companies hoping for a response. Pick one or two companies you really like. Then focus on getting in front of the hiring manager for that company. It’s important that you take the application process seriously. Showing up early, dressed nice, and professionally introducing yourself all help make a good first impression.