Entry Level A&P Mechanic Jobs

Learn about top paying entry level A&P mechanic jobs! In this article we’ll discuss what jobs a newbie mechanic can land, and how you can start your own aircraft maintenance business and make 100$ plus per hour!

Entry Level A&P Mechanic Jobs

Making 100$ Plus With Entry Level A&P Mechanic Jobs

The going rate for 1 hour of aircraft shop labor is 110$ (January 2023). It takes an A&P mechanic about 1 hour to do an oil change on a single engine piston aircraft. The typical amount to charge a single engine aircraft owner for an oil change is 2 labor hours (220.00$). Long story short, you can make more than 100$ per hour….

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How To Land Any Entry Level A&P Mechanic Job

Has the internet changed the way we get entry level A&P mechanic jobs? Some will say it’s changed everything about the application process. While this is true to some extent, the way to stand out among your peers had not changed. 

I grew up in a house without the internet, and some of my first jobs, involved hand delivering a paper application to the hiring manager. As I grew older I followed suit with the apply online, wait and see method. This method was not working for me. It didn’t talk long before my parents said I needed to call or show up in person in addition to applying online. 

So that’s what I did, and it worked almost every time. I’ve worked for a total of 4 aviation companies. I only formally applied to one of those companies (Army Fleet Support). I was hired at the other three by calling and scheduling a meeting. 

The bigger the company the more you have to shine. I recommend sending a resume, following up with a phone call a couple days later, then showing up to the hiring managers office. When calling make sure you qualify the person your talking to. Don’t simply accept the person on the other line saying “I got your call and I’ll pass it to the hiring manager” This isn’t good enough

"Qualify The Person You Speak With On The Phone"

The first rule is to qualify the person your talking too. Are they the decision maker? If not then you need to ask for the decision maker or get the decision makers email and phone number. You simply can not depend on someone to pass your message on.

What do you say when you’ve got the hiring managers attention? I WANT TO WORK FOR YOU! You need to lay it out there and tell the company that you’re really interested in working for them and that you’d like to help them accomplish their goals. Companies want employees that excel not underachievers. 

"Tell The Company You'd Like To Help Them Achieve Their Goals"

This is where a little research comes in handy. Before getting in front of the hiring manager check out the companies website. Take note of the aircraft worked on, and type of operation. Use this when talking to the hiring manager. Example: “I’m looking forward to helping Deta Airlines increase their passenger carrying numbers on the Boeing and airbus fleet”

An old trick that I’ve used. Tell the hiring manager you’d like to come work a day FOR FREE! Tell them you’d like to do this to show the company what your made of. It’s not to show your mechanical skills necessarily. It’s to show your attitude, punctuation, and eagerness to learn. What’s one day going to hurt you? NOTHING! What could one impression hurt you? EVERYTHING! Make a good impression that’s as simple as it gets.

"What's One Day Going To Hurt You? Nothing! What Could One Impression Hurt You? Everything!"

I can tell you from experience that you can land entry level A&P mechanic jobs that you’re underqualified for if you simply put in the effort and stay consistent with applying. Every job you apply for must follow this sequence: Submit resume, call hiring manager, schedule meeting with hiring manager. 

What Aviation Mechanic Employers Are Looking For

Aviation employers are looking for hardworking mechanics to fill entry level A&P mechanic jobs. It’s not rocket science. They’re looking for mechanics that show up consistently, and on time. In addition, their looking for guys/gals who put forth the effort to become a good mechanic. You must understand a company has a lot of balls to juggle, and one of them is employees. If you can help the company achieve its mission then you will become a valuable asset. 

I always say work like you can’t be replaced. Why because once your company notices how important you are you gain a bargain chip. Interested in a raise or promotion? You’re more likely to get it if your a good employee.

"Work Like You Can't Be Replaced"

It kills me when I hear people complain about their entry level A&P mechanic job. No one is forcing anyone to work anywhere. If you don’t like where you work then change your job! If you show up, put in the extra effort, learn the job skills, and carry a good attitude YOU ARE EMPLOYEEABLE PRETTY MUCH ANYWHERE!

Where To Look For Entry Level A&P Mechanic Jobs

As a lot of you may know using google and the internet is a powerful way of finding entry level A&P mechanic jobs. The key is to look for an aircraft mechanic job you want over what’s available. Meaning if Delta Airlines is where you want to work because they have a maintenance hub right down the road from you, but their not hiring WHO CARES! It never hurts to ask if they’re looking for good help. 

With large companies like Delta its best to call and ask for the hiring manager first. This is because it can be pretty hard to get into the actual maintenance facility due to security reasons. Another option would be to wait outside the gate until a Delta employee comes and ask them if you can come inside to talk with the manager.

This all may sound crazy, but it works! It shows that you are committed. If your old enough your remember, this is how you used to get a job. Alright lets move on to where to look for entry level A&P mechanic jobs.

Indeed: A great place to come over for entry level A&P mechanic jobs. I usually see job posting from just about every kind of aircraft maintenance employer here (Airline, corporate, General Aviation)

JSfirm: These guys have been in the aviation game for a while. I often find a lot of good contract jobs on here that pay well.

Barnstormers Aviation: If your looking to work on pistons or work at a smaller ma & pa operation this is a great place to look. Lots of opportunity to learn from some very knowledgeable people through this source.

Google: Lastly simply google entry level A&P Mechanic jobs and see what comes up. 


It’s important that you go after the job that you want not the job you can get. Make yourself an asset to the company and you’ll be able to go where ever you want. If your looking to make great money while controlling your schedule and your future work for yourself! Grease Pilot has the tools needed to help get you off the ground. This includes our How To Start An Aircraft Maintenance Business Course And Our Mechanic Portal Subscription. Both are low cost ways to boost your aviation enterprise. 

Michael Sawyer Grease Pilot

Michael Sawyer is active in the aircraft maintenance industry and owns and operates Phalanx Aviation a nationwide aviation maintenance provider. Contact Michael: msawyer@phalanxaviation.com