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Date OpenedStateAirportYear, Make, ModelDisc. Of Work Needed
8/22/2022TexasKELP1996 Cessna 210Need an A&P to assist getting a new fuel pump and doors installed to finish a project 210
8/30/2022OhioKTZR1978 Cessna 182Need oil change, as well as carb heat system examined to verify it is working properly
9/16/2022Texas06R1977 MooneyEngine remounted and four jugs installed in Mooney
9/21/2022NevadaKHIICessna 140Airworthiness certification
9/21/2022TexasKHOUCitation 750Service both engine oils and check drawers in Lav.
9/21/2022VirginaKHEF1999 Cessna 182S50 hour inspection and oil change.
9/30/2022KentuckyKY81965 PA-28-140Pre Purchase Evaluation & Annual Inspection
10/4/2022ColoradoLMO1974 Cessna 177I need a quick inspection to apply for a ferry permit. The FAA asked me to get a mechanic to sign off that the plane looks fine to fly out of annual
10/5/2022NYJFK1966 Beech A23Emergency landed there. Replaced engine. Need to install oil cooler and cowling, fix 1 p-lead, adjust throttle and mixture.
10/9/2022AZKHII1972 Cessna 310Both of the pitot tubes are clogged (left and right nose). Airspeed indicator shows no speed during takeoff. Some dirt was removed however still clogged
10/12/2022VAFRR1977 Cessna 172Annual inspection (com 2 antenna, nose strut seals optional)
10/24/2022COGXYCessna 182DPre-Purchase Evaluation
10/25/2022AZGEU1976 Piper LanceOil Change, new Oil filter, just completed 25 hour break in after over haul. (Will need oil filter back in one piece to ship out for warranty), New Hobbs meter, Led landing gear position light, Cowl flap is loose, Nose Gear tire pressure, Spark plugs, Need to check electronic manifold pressure gauge/ oil pressure gauge
10/29/2022COFNLLancairFerry Flight Inspection
11/7/2022AZKCHD1975 Mooney M20FMy mixture control knob is stuck, no play at all it feels like it may snap off or break. My new electric fuel gauge screen went blank as well
11/8/2022CAKWHP1951 Piper PA-22-150Reseal Nose Strut
11/15/2022MNK04W1974 Cessna 182I’m requesting a functional check flight to ensure all systems on aircraft work as advertised. Followed by a Pre Buy Examination.General engine condition, hot compression test followed by a borescope to ensure cylinders, cam, cam lobes, lifters, exhaust valves (wear patterns) are all in good shape. Ensure there is no rust in the engine that could lead to a required overhaul within the first few years of ownership. Please check all screens where metal can accumulate and check oil filter for metal. Please feel free to check anything I’m not thinking of but I’d like a detailed report of findings with included pictures to include borescope pics. If nothing major is found in the engine please move on to the cabin and remaining airframe. I’m concerned with major high dollar expense items that could break or become an issue in The first few years of ownership.
11/19/2022TNKRZR2007 Cessna 182Annual Inspection
11/29/2022OHI69NADo you provide services to install new avionics in a plane, typically a C172/82? I am looking to buy an older plane and update it with new avionics, etc.
12/6/2022GA20GA1981 PA-28-181I have a fuel leak. I have blue dye from the fuel staining the bottom of my plane from below the engine. It seems the leak is coming from the fuel line
12/6/2022NCKEQY1979 Cessna R182Oil Change, cut and inspect oil filter and take sample for Blackstone.
12/7/2022AZPrivate1963 pa18 supercubAnnual Inspection
12/12/2022TXKDZB1987, Mooney, M20KDescribe Aircraft Maintenance Needed: Searching for a mobile mechanic with extensive experience with Mooney aircraft and turbo Continental engines.
12/21/2022TXWest HoustonCessna 172Annual Inspection
12/23/2022CAKSMOCessna 337Annual Inspection
12/27/2022KYDVK1970 cessna 172kBrakes need bled out
12/30/2022WAOLMPiper pa-28r-201Electrical failure in flight. needed jump. then power failed (altenator)
1/6/2023AZKCHD1971 Cessna 182Annual Inspection
1/10/2023CACNO1983 lake buccaneerAnnual Inspection
1/16/2023CAKSMX1980 C172Annual Inspection
1/23/2023TXPWG1979 Cessna 210NAnnual Inspection
1/24/2023FLKPGD1978 Gruman Cheetah AA5AAnnual Inspection
1/26/2023AZKGYR1965 PA28. 140Pre Purchase Evaluation
2/2/2023COKFNLRV12I have a rotax 912uls engine where I recently found metal shavings in my oil and 2 of my cylinders also had some pitting...it is also an EAB and my yearly inspection is nearly due.
2/2/2023FLKISMCessna 172 SP100 Hour Inspection
2/3/2023AZKPHX1990 Cessna C550 (Citation II)I have a flat on the RH main tire. My home mechanic (ADS - Addison TX) has a replacement and can ship a tire for replacement.
2/8/2023NYELM1987, Beech 1900CHSI INOP. need indicator replaced with unit that is already at the airport
2/12/2023CTKHFDC172 & PA28Tire changes, oil changes, etc. on both aircraft
2/12/2023FLKCOI73 C182Rudder Trim all the way to Left for straight flight Intermittent power .
2/13/2023COIO 360 EngineLooking for an IRAN estimate and possible work
2/14/2023CAKEMT1975 Mooney M20CThe transponder does not show altitude. Need weight and balance. Check pitot lines are ok.
2/19/2023MOKCHT1978 Piper Seneca 2I need the right fuel selector in wing replaced (orderd valve should be here next week).Left prop fails feather check. Govener may need replaced.I am having a charging issue that I believe I have traced back to the diodes behind the circuit breaker panel. (Previous owners could not get charging system to operate/balance correctly and replaced both voltage regulators and swapped alternators from left to right and the problem remained).I would like to have the primer diverter valve eliminated (Vendor Service Bulletin No 267A I have the parts on hand).Static drain valve needs replaced (parts on hand)Gami injectors installed (Parts on order)Fuel pump switch for right engine replaced (Parts on hand)Overboost lights do not come on when MP exceeded 40"Aux fuel pump lights activate intermittently without aux fuel pumps selected.Stall warning fails to activate.Alternator field switches replaced (parts on hand)I'd like to do the Service Bulletin 1123D nose gear inspection.
2/20/2023SCCDN2018 Super PetrelConditional Inspection and dynamic propeller balance
2/22/2023NEKEAR1979 Cessna 172NPre-purchase inspection
2/23/2023TXKAMA1980 Bellanca Super VikingDescribe Aircraft Maintenance Needed: An avionics upgrade was started over 3 months ago to install a Garmin G5 stack and a Garmin GTN 650 Nav/Comm and its to the point of installing power and grounds, installing the units in the panel, powering up the units, testing and calibrating.
2/24/2023AZ5AZ32022 Cirrus SR22TMy aircraft is part of the Continental engine AD. I need to have the oil filter inspection done per the FAA fairly requirements. I am then taking the airplane to Glendale to the Cirrus Service Center
2/27/2023AZP19Cessna 1965 182Annual and a few minor repairs.
3/1/2023FLPGDGrumman AA5AAnnual Inspection
3/1/2023TXKTMEPiper AztecLH Engine Oil Pressure Dropping / LH Engine Oil Temp Rising. Looking For Mechanic To Fix.
3/1/2023WASpokaneSocota TBMCustomer called and said they need help with landing gear. Call customer for more details.
3/2/2023SCColumbiaPiper AztecStarter issues. Aircraft is AOG. Owner willing to pay extra for quick repair.
3/3/2023TXKGYI2022 Bristell 915Annual Inspection. The aircraft is in a T-Hanger
3/7/2023TXKAXHCessna 150Annual Inspection
3/9/2023MIKOZW1946 Navion ALooking for Annual Inspection - will have aircraft opened up and ready for inspection. No known issues.
3/13/2023AZKDVT1979 PA-28-181Pre-Purchase Evaluation of aircraft (customer is looking to buy)
3/22/2023MIKDTW1978 T210mLead from website. Customer requested how many hours to accomplish annual on Cessna 210
3/28/2023OHZZVCessna 205Alternator Feild curcit breaker keeps popping, also looking for go to mechanic for all other maintenance
4/1/2023CaliforniaKRHV l1962 Piper Cherokee 160Exhaust visual inspection. For AD62-26-06
4/3/2023TexasT411991 8KCAB Super DecathlonInquired On Phalanx Aviation About Labor Hours For An Annual Inspection
4/4/2023MichiganPrivate Hanger With elct, Heat KJXN1971 Cessna 150 Commuter.I Need a Annual done and oil change.
4/7/2023CanadaRouyn-Noranda, Canada1976 Beechcraft King Air 200Customer called Phalanx Aviation. He is Looking for mechanic to work on aircraft (Located In Canada) to get it to a ferry status. Or to dismantle aircraft for flat bed transporting. He said he'd pay for per deim and transportation. Contact him for details
4/8/2023WAKSFF1972 Piper Arrowoil leak
4/10/2023IllinoisKLOT1983 Cessna 182RFriday was flying my newly purchased aircraft from KOEO to my home base at KCAK. About 1.5 hours into flight noticed oil residue on wind screen. Made precautionary landing at KLOT to investigate and noticed copious amounts of oil on top and below cowling and dripping on ground. Aircraft had engine work completed prior to purchase (list of repairs attached). Grounded plane as precaution until it can be inspected to confirm if its airworthy. If not airworthy, need repairs completed.
4/13/2023MarylandKTGI1968 C-177 w/ Lycoming IO-360Normally aspirated engine will not fire, regardless of priming. Likely a timing or magneto issue.
4/13/2023Rhode IslandKVAY1968, Piper pa28-235Charging system troubleshooting/repair.
4/14/2023GeorgiaRyy1981 Cessna 182I’m purchasing an aircraft and would like to have a pre but inspection done. Seller has agreed to do annual inspection a month early at his cost but wants it done at his usual shop. I would like either a prebuy or an annual or possibly just have an unbiased 3rd party represent me at the annual. usual shop is H&L aircraft. If this isn’t something you do I’d appreciate a referral to someone who might. Thank you.
4/14/2023New York6B4 Frankfort, NYCessna 182RI need an Annual Inspection and I would like to keep using your company for routine Mx and Annuals’. I need this annual ASAP.Thanks, Steve Malara. No major squawks just USB port stopped working and is brand new.
4/17/2023New JerseyKCDW1979 Piper WarriorAnnual, 100 hr inspection, oil and filter change, etc.
4/19/2023CASan Gabriel Valley airport El Monte, California1978 Cessna T210The right brake has a problem and maybe a leak.
4/20/2023MO87MO (7 miles NE of KLRY)2002 Blanik L23I need an annual inspection and pitot static check on this glider. It has to be performed at the field since we are overdue. There is no power or water at the field. The IA must be able to provide documentation of $500,000 of insurance coverage.
4/23/2023TXKingsville Texas1981 falcon 50APU Nor engines will start battery voltage 23 to 25 V Suspect relay
4/24/2023MichiganKLDM1976 Cessna 182I have had a nose wheel shimey happen twice on landing once on roll out and once on touchdown. Would like everything looked at. From what I've read it could be a damper issue. Also my strut appears to be low on fluid or air.
4/26/2023MOK642004 Aviat Husky A-1BI need an annual inspection completed along with fixing PTT and battery replacement.
4/27/2023TennesseeKDKX1967 Cessna 150HI need the overhauled Continental O-200 engine reinstalled and the annual inspection completed on this aircraft. The onsite maintenance shop is too backed up to complete the job in a timely manner.
5/1/2023AZKsdl2007 Columbia 400I need the batteries recharged on the plane.
5/3/2023FloridaKMLB1962 Beechcraft DebonairThe starter needs to be rebuilt
5/5/2023WAKCLM2010 Vans RV7
5/6/2023TX6R3 Cleveland Texas1969 Piper Cherokee 140BLooking for an estimated quote to put an upgraded small avionics package in my aircraft. Almost entirely plug and play as I have the Approach Fast stack hub and harnesses on hand to support the items I own (will need PWR/GRND and a couple CB's installed as well). Will also need 2 GPS antennas mounted, the 4 place comm mic jacks installed, and an EDM 730 Engine monitoring system installed. Cabin is gutted for easy access. I work stupid hours so prefer a Text or email as the preferred correspondence method. Thanks
5/12/2023IowaDSMPA-28 & C172'sLooking for a mechanic/shop who is interested in providing ongoing maintenance for our flight school. (100 hrs, and routine maintenance). We operate a fleet of PA-28's and C172's. We have a maintenance hangar that the shop or mechanic can work in (signature flight support). We also have tooling that can be used.
5/12/2023MissouriSTJCessna 150Looking to get vacuum pump replaced and install a spin on oil filter adaptor kit
5/16/2023AZKsdl2007 Columbia 400Help with dead batteries
5/19/2023ArizonaKNYL1966 Cessna 310kAnnual inspection
5/20/2023CaliforniaKAPV1974 Mooney M20C RangerI am interested in getting a quote to have the overhead cabin vent control cable replaced on my Mooney. The cable snapped on the outside connection point to the air scoop/flap on the fuselage and the adjoining cable that comes into the cockpit. I require assistance to replace the cable which attached to an overhead knob (twists to set a Bell crank type control mechanism in the airbox/headliner to move the cable which sets the position of the exterior flap to opened or closed positions to bring overhead air into the cockpit. The air intake flap flips open with airflow over it and no cable to hold it in position without this operational cable and does not bring in adequate airflow into the cockpit on a hot day.
5/23/2023ArizonaKFFZCessna 150Pre-Purchase inspection Cessna 150G.
5/26/2023TexasLivingston, TxOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
5/28/2023CaliforniaKful1974 Beechcraft B-19 Sport 150Annual
5/29/2023AirzonaKGYR1977 Cessna 182QFlat front tire on Cessna 182 and potentially blocked pitot tube.
5/31/2023AllNationwideBell 206 B3 / Bell 206 L3/4 and Bell 407We are experiencing a mechanic shortage and want a backup option for when we are fully staffed but have too much work to complete. We operate in every state and are nomadic by the nature of our business. We do almost all maintenance in the field at the airport that the helicopter times out at. I would like to talk to someone to see if what you have to offer may work for what we are looking for.
5/31/2023IdahoU56Cessna 310Initial engine installations, fuel system calibration
6/3/2023FloridaKPGD1977 Piper Seneca IiThe aircraft is undergoing return to flying status; has not flown in 10 years. Has been hangared the entire time. Would be an extensive job
6/5/2023NevadaKHNDC172SNose strut needs servicing possible gasket kit.
6/6/2023ArizonaKGEU1976 PA32-300 (Lance)Left main hydraulic actuator line appears to be leaking. (Looks like the line just needs to be tightened but not 100%. Image below) Mount fire extinguisher (already have it just want it mounted) Engine is running slightly rough at lower rpm’s
6/7/2023TexasLivingston Tx1964 Mooney M20CAnnual Inspection. I do need a recent AD sign off of stabilizer which is N/A on my current installed part.
6/10/2023Arizonakchd1963 PIPER Cherokee 235looking to see how quickly and cost for 100 hour
6/15/2023IowaKFFL Fairfield IA1969 Piper Cherokee 235Im looking for a pre buy inspection of this aircraft if you perform them.
6/16/2023WashingtonS501978 CESSNA 172NEED A PRICE FOR AN ANNUAL
6/17/2023GeorgiaKHQU1976 Piper ArrowNeed a prebuy inspection on an aircraft located in Georgia at KHQU
6/17/2023IndianaKTYQ2003 Piper Archer IIIFailure of primary vacuum pump & possibly the aux vacuum pump indicator bulb (did not come on when the aux pump was on)
6/19/2023MarylandKGAICessna C172N 19761)I need oil cooler to be replaced,2) need touch up paint after new flap was installed. 3)Back seat audio jack stop working.4) need 50h inspection oil/filter replaced.5) need wheel covers to be installed back.
6/20/2023UtahKTVY (Tooele, Utah)1969 Cessna 172Requesting your cost and availability to complete a pre buy evaluation based on an accepted purchase agreement.
6/23/2023TexasKAXH2011 Cirrus SR20G3I need my air conditioning serviced, please. I think it is low on R134.
7/3/2023TexasKHQZ1974 Piper ArcherWe have a flat bulged tire on the passenger side main. I am due in Longview this weekend (Sunday at the latest) to drop off the aircraft for scheduled work and my regular mechanic is swamped. I just need the tire/tube replaced. It's a 6.00 x 6 Part No .072-314-0. I went ahead and already bought a tube and tire just in case - I just need it swapped out.
7/3/2023VAKCPK1977 Piper Turbo Arrow III50 hour oil change. I have a filter and Aeroshell W100 oil. Would like to have an assist on the oil change.
7/3/2023NANAOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
7/5/2023AllKSEM1971 Cessna 172PKASS Aviation is a aircraft paint shop seeking mechanics services. Services include disassemble inspection removing wing tips, wheel covers, flight controls etc..Once painting is complete reassemble aircraft, weight and balance etc....
7/5/2023KSOJCCessna 303Fuel System Engine cross feed not working. Then some other general work. Looking for go to mechanic. Call or email me.
7/5/2023MOOJCCessna 303Sent this through Kansas as well. Same request (Kansas city area). Fuel System Engine cross feed not working. Then some other general work. Looking for go to mechanic. Call or email me.
7/6/2023AZKCHD1968 Piper CherokeeMy beacon light has stopped rotating. Please help.
7/11/2023CAE162001 RV-8ANosewheel needs new tire and tube.Prop needs a bit of dressing and touch up paint.
7/14/2023WAKPAEBeachcraft Musketeer A23/24I need an annual on my plane. Hopefully in early August (or July). I'd preferably in Friday Harbor Washington where the plane is now or I can get a ferry permit to take it to Everett (I have hangers in both locations). It hasn't flown since its last annual which it passed with flying colors no dings with my mechanic Sid Smith with San Juan Aviation in Friday Harbor (who has been my mechanic for years) but his wife had a stroke and he's closing his shop to be with her and can't fit me in.
7/17/2023AZBullhead City1966, Cessna, 172Gplane not producing full power
7/19/2023TXKAXH2011 Cirrus SR20G3I need A/C charged on my aircraft.
7/20/2023NCDarr airport, NC032016 aero adventure aventura 2Airworthiness Inspection, the bilge pump doesn’t work the radio isn’t working, lights,
7/20/2023FLmiaOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
7/21/2023AZKGYR2010 Rans S19Looking for a pre-buy inspection of an experimental aircraft.
7/24/2023MOKMKCBeech 400Discrepancy of Hydraulic needs serviced and light strip above galley detached.
7/25/2023MOKLXT1961 Cessna 172bAnnual inspection.
7/29/2023NANAOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
7/30/2023CAF701977 PA-32-300Brakes inop.
8/4/2023VAKphf1978 Cessna T310RLost right brake on landing. Pedal just goes to the stop. No visible leaking.
8/4/2023TXHouston SWOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
8/8/2023TXKSGR1980 Mooney 201JErratic amp meter reading. Maybe a regulater problem.
8/8/2023WAKTIW2013 Cirrus SR22TNeed #2 turbo and EGT/TGT system diagnosed, and CO2 detector serviced. I have no indication on my #2 EGT/TGT. While in flight, the engine shuddered, the #2 EGT dropped off, the #1 kept climbing. I leaned, reduced power, and returned back to the airfield. Two electrical resets and there is still no indication. My fear is the #2 turbo charger has failed.
8/10/2023FLKCLW1965, Beechcraft BaronNeed to get annual finished up or to a point to be able to get ferry permit.
8/12/2023NJKCDW1965 Piper CherokeeNose wheel shock absorber is flat, we do not know what part broke but can see the liquid has leaked on the ground.
8/14/2023AZKDVTOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
8/14/2023MA0B5 (Turners Falls, MA)1978 Cessna 182QI want to do a prebuy inspection of this aircraft. Can you please let me know:- Your availability- Cost involved- How experienced you are in doing prebuys in Cessna 182s?Thank you.
8/16/2023AZKffzOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
8/24/2023MOKEVU1990 Mooney M20JNeed annual or pre-buy inspection, which ever you have time for
8/24/2023FLPGDBeech baron B-55Right alternator not working. New alternator arrived and needs to be installed.
8/30/2023CAKTOAOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
9/1/2023OHAkron OHOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
9/8/2023IAKCSQ1967 Cessna 150Pre-Buy Inspection
9/9/2023VTMorrisville VT1976 Cessna 172Pre-buy and subsequent annual inspection.
9/14/2023NYWatertown Airport1980 MD 500DWe need a 24 month transponder check. We have the L3 Lynx system installed in our helicopter
9/15/2023AZKDVT1947 Cessna 120Oil change and tailwheel tire/tube replacement.Have oil, spin on oil filter, carb air filter, tailwheel tire, and tailwheel tube.
9/18/2023MDKgaiPiper 161 1979Landing light cable disconnect/or need to replace A few other things that inoprate thatvneed to replace/fix
9/18/2023AZKSDLOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
9/18/2023TXWolfe air park1948 Piper PA16I am in the process of restoring a Piper clipper. Looking for a mechanic to help when I can’t make it down to work on it. Is this something y’all do?
9/19/2023COCentennial Airport1960 Piper Commanche 250Needs annual?
9/20/2023AZFalcon field Mesa airport, Mesa AZOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
9/25/2023NYK1f21940 j4AI have an annual and 100hr inspection needed.
9/27/2023CAKVNYDiamond DA20
9/30/2023WINeillsville, Wi. KVIQ Airport2009, SPORTSTAR, 009-1, CHARLIE HOOPERCrack near tail by the tie down. About 3 inches long. Experimental aircraft. Area seams to be fiber/plastic. Can send text for picture.
9/30/2023LAKbtr1981 PA 44 seminoleAnnual inspecrion
10/5/2023CAMHROwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
10/5/2023CATorrance CAI am looking at purchasing this plane and would like an inspection done on it before flying out to see it in person. Is this something you could do? It is an Experimental Aircraft. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?listing_id=2418255#
10/5/2023ARM181965 Cessna 150FI would like to get routine maintenance done. The plane needs an oil and filter change. I do have the oil (Aeroshell W15W-50), oil filter (CH48108-1 Champion OilFilter), and air filter on hand but not the wire. I am a new pilot to the area so I am looking for a company to connect with long term. This plane has had extensive maintenance done on it the past 40 years and I plan to keep it that way.
10/5/2023TXWEA1968 Champion 7ECAMy right heel brake keeps going soft and I think it needs to be rebuilt. I have bled from above and below and it keeps getting completely spongy.
10/5/2023CAKTOAOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
10/7/2023CAKAJO1980 Piper Cheyenne IHi, please, we are looking for engines borescope inspection on a Piper Cheyenne. Would you have a mechanic available? Thank you.
10/9/2023SC5J0Cessna 401 1968Installed wing spar on plane mechanic failed to finish Job. Need engine beams installed and engines reinstalled. Kind of a major job. Will take some time to repair.
10/9/2023TXTeague, TexasMooney M20CLooking to have the aircraft annual inspection done- looking for someone mobile to come to the plane location. Wondering if that is something you do, and if so, what the cost would be for the annual. Please reply via email. Thank you. -Evan
10/12/2023IDGreenleaf ID1981 Cessna 210We have a 1981 Cessna 210 that is in need of a general annual. No known squaks. We have an environmentally controlled fully equipped hangar (wing jacks, aviation tools, bore scopes, inspection tools, fabrication tools, full DMC kit etc). The wing spar AD is being done this month on site so that will not need to be addressed.
10/12/2023TXWest Houston T hangar1955 Bonanza F35 V tailThe copilot brakes are not working. Pilot brakes work. Need to fix copilot takes. Please call or email me your quote.
10/14/2023AZKDVTCherokee 235 1969Aileron's are out of sync and plane is banking hard to the left, right street is low and plane is off balance.
10/15/2023TX3T21949 PA16Need wings up back on. All new hoses on engine, panel rebuild small fabric patch, one window installed and annual inspection. Aircraft has not flown since 1976. I’m guessing about 100 hours of labor. If you can do this kind of work please contact me with a quote of hourly rate. Thanks.
10/16/2023NANA-Hello,I would like to offer some suggestions for your website. No commitment for future work, fine print, or hidden anything - just an opportunity for you to see how we can improve your website and leads.Would it be ok to send you the suggestions I have in mind?Please let me knowRegards,Teresa Moore
10/18/2023AZKBXKPA31-350Need to have 2 PA31-350 inspected for a PRE-Buy. Looking to also have engines checked for corrosion.
10/19/2023WIW111978 C182RGAnnual Inspection
10/20/2023CAKCCB1964 Mooney M20EPre-buy inspection
10/21/2023COKCFO58 Beech bonanzaAirplane landed gear up.Need owner supplied prop installed after dialing crank flange and dye pen test if mechanic prefers.Sign off for ferry permit needed or full annual inspection.
10/23/2023GAKRYY1969 Cessna Skyhawk 172GCylinder 5 has a stuck valve, cylinder 1 runs cold, need fixed asap
10/24/2023TX7T7- Midland, TXCessna 172, several modelsWe need some short term help(1-2 weeks) working on our fleet of Cessna 172s. Requires A&P. Will pay travel + per diem.
10/24/2023TX1997, Mooney, M20R
10/30/2023VAW78 William tuck airport1961 Cessna 210AIt’s an aircraft I purchased 19 it was out of annual, so it’s been sitting in a while and I need to either get the annual completed or have a mechanic really really check it out so I could period to a maintenance facility
11/3/2023ILKmwa1976 commanderReinstall the wings
11/4/2023TXKRBDPA31-350looking for an A&P to complete terminating Ads on a PA31-350. AD2016-05-01 and AD2017-10-20.
11/8/2023OK2OK2, Newalla, OK1978 Mooney M20JI am trying to schedule my annual. I will have a detailed squawk list when the time gets closer. I do have a hanger, but I may not have all the proper tools. Is this something you could handle?
11/9/2023GAKRYY1968 Cessna 172GStuck valve in cylinder 5Need carbon buildup removed to loosen valve Valve guide is good
11/14/2023CAKTOA - East T Hangers2019 Sling 4 TurboSomehow, I yanked the brake line out of the pilot side landing gear - I have no brakes, at all. I need to line reset and a full refill of brake fluid.
11/15/2023CAKMPI Mariposa1959 Piper Comanche PA24-250Looking for potential change from current A&P for all maintenance and annual inspections. Also, looking for special Maintenace to prepare for future aircraft painting project. Items to include may be to upgrade lighting, remove/replace antennas, and patching of hole in skin where antennas were removed.
11/15/2023CAKOAR1969 Cherokee 140I need an annual. Depending on cost and timing, I may also want a new intercom installed and wired, as well as swapping old Narco avionics with some different Bendix-King LRUs
11/16/2023WALynden WA1960 V-Tail BonanzaPre-purchase inspection of overall condition, particularly looking for corrosion on ruddervators and other big ticket items. Will likely need MOH and ferry if pursue purchase.
11/17/2023OHKCMH1968 Baron D55Need 50 hour oil change
11/20/2023RIKBID1963 Beechcraft MusketeerMy starter gear is broken and the metal part is stuck between the motor and the flywheel. I need to replace my starter.
11/22/2023TNKjwn2994 BaronRight oil pre heat outDoor seal in op
11/25/2023CAKCRQOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
11/26/2023FLFA38 Private airpark near Ocala1969 PA28/140Annual due next month December
11/27/2023WAKCLSOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
11/28/2023MAKbed1958 Cessna 175Partial power loss on takeoff, undiagnosed. Sat for a month and took 2 days to start. Sumped with no water, possible fuel line kink? Mags? Not a clue. Help!
11/29/2023AZA391972 Piper Cherokee 140/160Engine won’t crank over past compression. Battery has a full 12.4 volts yet it seems like there’s not enough power to crank to start. Checked all grounds and wires yet can’t seem to narrow down what it could be. Not sure if it’s a starter or solenoid. Need someone to troubleshoot and complete any needed repairs. Thank you.
11/30/2023RIKsfz67 Cessna 411aBleed left brake install voltage regulator new one there on right side easy accessibility
11/30/2023FLFA 38 Airpark near Ocala Florida1969 Piper CherokeeAnnual Inspection
11/30/2023LAkdtn1992 mooney m20J-201 missileHot cylinder #4 (490F most recent flight) with no obvious issues with fuel nozzle, fuel flow, etc. Flexible baffle seals need to be replaced.
12/3/2023OHKCMHBE 55/DOil change on IO 520s
12/4/2023OKOklahoma City, OKCessna 172, several modelsWe have a base in Guthrie, OK. Occassionally, we need support for our fleet of 172s.
12/4/2023OKGOKCessna 172Resubmitting, as there was an error on the last submittal. We have several airplanes based out of OKC/Guthrie and need occasional help in the area. Looking for a list of mechanics.
12/4/2023COFront rangeOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
12/5/2023MOKMBY1952 Bell 47D1 HelicopterRe-install blades removed for transport from NY to TX. Check for any damage from transport. Create a sqwauk sheet for any issues that need to fixed.
12/6/2023MOKMBYOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
12/7/2023WAKPAE1993 Commander 114-BAnnual inspection - Last performed 2018
12/7/2023MIKIWD20072007 Turbo normalized Cirrus SR22. Turbo intake temp spikes with >50% power. No maintenance services available on field to handle this issue. Need to sort it out to get the plane to my regular service center for the annual in February.
12/7/2023TNKCKV1958 Beechcraft TravelairThink may be a problem with heat not retracting
12/9/2023TXConroe -- hangar1947 1947 Model 415DPlane has needed an annual for about 2 years but my mechanic has been working on my two others -- I need to get enough mechanical inspection/any repairs to get a ferry permit to fly her to South Carolina for scheduled extensive upgrades. What arrangements could we make? Thanks! JPT
12/9/2023TXKDWH Gill aviationBeechjet 400ATwo operational lights in the over head panel inop. Have replacements on board just need them swapped.
12/10/2023WIKIWD2007, Cirrus, SR22TNTurbo intake temperature spikes if power greater than 50%. No mechanic on the field able to trouble shoot this.
12/12/2023ILParis IL airport1985, Cessna 182Rmixture cutoff arm is broken on carburetor part no 155-357
12/12/2023AZGlendale Airport Glendale AZOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
12/12/2023TX1XS1 Crosby Texas1975 Grumman American AVN. CORP. Model AA-5Pre purchase inspection, 27 miles from Hobby Airport. Looking for a mechanic that can drive there to do the inspection. I am concerned mostly about if there is any corrosion and if the engine is in good condition. All AD's complied with.
12/12/2023OHKOSU1973 Cessna 310QOil changed on both engines.
12/13/2023AZPrescott AZ2015, Cub Crafters Carbon CubI am looking to have a pre buy inspection or an annual completed before purchase of aircraft. Needing a qualified A&P
12/13/2023TXKHQZI am looking for a mechanic that is able to do sheet metal work.
12/21/2023INKMZZ1971 Cessna 150compression checks, borescope cylinders and take pictures of cylinder walls and valves, general corrosion inspection of airframe
12/22/2023LAKAPS1980 Beechcraft bonanza a36Engine won't start. Makes a clunking noise when I turn the key. Prop does not move when I turn the key
12/23/2023NYLa Guardia New YorkHAWKER 900xpThe cabin oxygen mask keeps dropping off
12/28/2023CAF70 French valley1967 Piper CherokeePulled away while chained down on left wing. Excess seperation from fuselage at leading edge, slight crumbling near trailing edge/ aileron
12/28/2023NVKTRK1981 TR182Annual inspection needed. Aircraft has flow 0 hours since the last annual in 2022, no squawks, just needs an annual to qualify to be hangared at the airport. Aircraft is in a single hangar and has been kept hangared since 2000.
12/29/2023CAKpocOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
1/3/2024SCCHSLearjet 60#2 main tire change. Replacement tire is at Atlantic Aviation FBO.
1/3/2024MO3EX, Excelsior Springs, MO1975 Piper PA28-140 Cherokee CruiserNeed an annual inspection, plane is way out of annual and not flyable until it is done. Would like an inspection, owner-assisted, if possible, listing items needed attention.
1/6/2024AZKDVTOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
1/6/2024UTKSPK1975 CESSNA 172M100hr inspection
1/7/2024MT79S2010 Glasair super 2 RGAirplane had light prop strike due to nose gear not locking completely. Need engine pulled and lycoming ad completed. Install new prop. Gear system gone through and make work.
1/7/2024CA(1O3) Lodi AirportOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
1/8/2024MOKMKC1969 Beech Muskateer Sport (A-19)I recently had a complete electrical shutdown initially believed to a bad alternator. Alternator was pulled and tested fine but it is believed that an oil leak somewhere caused the belt to become oily and lost grip on the alternator pully. I would like to speak to someone about your services, pricing and availability when possible.
1/8/2024KSKICTChecking to see if you have mobile oil change services available at KICT or surrounding airports. Twin piston (414A or similar).
1/9/2024CAKIYKOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
1/9/2024CAKIYK1963 Mooney M20E super 22Finalize glass installation, new engine hose kit installation, under carriage lube - taxis run - up final gear swing - manual gear, re install belly panels
1/9/2024CAKMYV1975 Smith Aerostar Super 2I need to have the fuselage bladder tank removed for remanufacture then reinstalled.
1/12/2024COKgjt2004 cirrus sr20In need of an annual and oil leak repair.
1/14/2024AZPegasus Airpark (5AZ3)2022 JMB VL3 (LSA)Have major nosewheel shimmy and am troubleshooting. At this time need a tire change plus balancing asap and see if this resolves the issue. Also need the nosewheel fairing to be made removable. JMB put one on that is one piece and cannot be removed. Need to have it cut in 2 pieces. Plane is made out of composite material. The fairings are fiberglass.
1/15/2024AZ18AZ Skyranch (Carefree, AZ)1979 Cessna 182RGOil change and check exhaust for leaks
1/17/2024IADSMCessna, Piper, AlphaHello, were a flight school based at the DSM airport. We operate Cessna 172's, PA-28's, and Aplha trainer aircraft. Our aircraft fly anywhere from 60 - 100 hours per month. We're looking for an A&P mechanic to perform 100 hour inspections, and other maintenance. IA license a plus
1/18/2024NYALB MillionaireLear 60Tire service, Brake Air service, Oxygen service
1/19/2024KTIWOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
1/19/2024WVPKBERJ 135, EMB-135EROpen write up for "Wing anti ice inop" Needs deferral applied and troubleshooting performed.
1/19/2024KRNTOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
1/21/2024CAKSMO1999 Cessna 172S50 hour oil change
1/25/2024PAKJST1961 Piper Comanche 250This is an aircraft I am consider purchasing. It is not currently airworthy. The airplane has sat for 25 years in a hangar so a number of items are stuck. I would need someone to come get the propeller, landing gear, suspension, control pulleys and control cables, throttle/mixture/prop/carb heat control, brakes, tires, fuel system, and magnetos back in working order. After those things are done we should be able to try and start the engine and see if I can get a ferry permit. Can you send me info if these is even possible for you and some kind of estimate for time. Here's the airplane listing for a few more details. https://www.hangar67.com/aircraft/1961-piper-comanche-pa24250/30349
1/27/2024ARKhro1979 C172Annual Inspection.No known issues
1/30/2024TXKPSN1961 Piper Comanche 250Annual inspection.
2/2/2024AZKGCN2008 Cirrus SR22TN - G3Forced to land when engine running rough and CHT Temperature spiked over 400 deg. in cylinder #1. Aircraft is parked at KGCN until I can have mechanic trouble shoot and fix problem. I don't live there (KGCN) I will meet mechanic when scheduled time is established. Please call if you have any other questions.
2/4/2024AZMesaOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
2/4/2024NJKBLM1973 Cessna 172MCan’t get it started . may be an issue with the start switch as it can be hand propped on both magnetos.
2/5/2024CAKEMT1979 Piper Arrow IV PA28-RT201Need annual
2/7/2024TXKtyr1963 Cessna 210Believe battery dead plus observed oil dripping inside cowlingPlane is stuck in Tyler but based in Arlington Tax
2/9/2024AZTUS AtlanticCessna 680Right HP Valve replacement. We will supply parts
2/9/2024CAKTOACessna 172s and 152sWe have a fleet of 5 Cessna 172 S models and 2 Cessna 152s that operate at a flight school. We do not have hangar space for maintenance. Want to ask more questions.
2/9/2024MOMKCPiper PA-28-235Looking for a pre-purchase inspection on aircraft.
2/10/2024INKokkomo IN1972 piper cherokee 140Pre buy inspection
2/10/2024CASacramento Executive Airport1971 CESSNA TU206ENeed the help or an A&P mechanic that has his own set of tools (Crowfoot-if necessary-etc.) to remove the aircraft engine to be crated and shipped to engine repair facility. I will provide the crate and most likely the cherry picker.
2/12/2024FLKGIF1973 PA-28R-200Installation of JP Instruments EDM 900, with two fuel tank senders. Aircraft has OEM engine gauges, 430W, dual G5 are main upgrades. Will purchase EDM-900 and senders for install
2/12/2024CAKLGB1976Starter has been going out. Last several months, when I press the starter button, I hear the motor whir and nothing happens. By the 2nd or 3rd try, it finally kicks the propeller over. This weekend it wouldn’t turn the propeller at all. Millionaire ramp Long Beach.
2/14/2024FLApopa X042004 Cessna T206H (S/N T20608485)Annual inspection is due April 3rd, but would like it done before that so I can fly it back to Minnesota in late March/April. It was last done at F45 as part of purchase. All logs and records are in Minnesota. I have been flying it this winter and it runs great. Updated Garmin Nav as well. Please let me know the basic cost for the Annual. Thank you.
2/15/2024AZKPHXCitation 750WIFI INOP.. need tech to manually connect to box and confirm settings are correct with GOGO tech support
2/16/2024CO18VAvid Flyer MK4 HHI just want a general inspection of Stratus EA81, gear reduction, prop, and airframe in current state.
2/16/2024GAKSAVKingAir 300Loss Brake Pressure. Also would need to be on a drug program and have a A&P.
2/18/2024CAOceanside Municipal AirportPA28 Piper Cherokee 140 1967My airplane has been out of annual. I had to replace the bulk head on the tail. I had a mechanic that was working on it last year bu he moved. What I need is to put hose back on the engine, cowl, spinner and propeller back together. Also need to put the tail feathers back on. I need to put the left tank back on. After everything is back on I'm going to get a Ferry Permit where I will have the annual done. I need how many hours it will take and what the cost per hour?
2/19/2024OHKTZRCessna 210B CenturionFlaps install
2/22/2024CAKSBP1962 Piper PA28-160 (Cherokee)Annual Inspection
2/23/2024CaliforniaKSBP1962 Cherokee 160Mechanic started annual but was taking a ridiculous amount of time and said he was not able to commit to any tomefrqme
2/26/2024CAKIZA`1976 C150 MLooking for a routine 100-hour inspection along with minor repairs.
2/27/2024FloridaKLEELancair 360Pre-buy required for buyer
2/29/2024FloridaKDABPA34-200TLooking to find a good A and P to support the aircraft, I have a hanger
3/1/2024AZLitchfield park2015 pm aviation PulsrEngine is purchased need a price for installation
3/1/2024WyomingKCPRCessna 172The aircraft is a Part 91 pipeline patrol plane, but we'd still like a checklist of items to be evaluated (not a full 100-hr inspection) every ~100 hours. We'd also like for any repairs to be made at that time. We expect this to be required every 4-5 weeks.
3/1/2024NYHPN - Million Air1973 Cessna 172Flat front tire
3/2/2024FloridaPlant City Municipal Airport1957 Piper Tripacer PA-22-150Requesting a simple annual inspection... had a major annual last year including engine overhaul... had mechanic suppose to do annual but no idea when....I only have less than 10 hours since annual...seeking mobile service at my hangar....I am in need of services... thanks. Please advise
3/4/2024TexasKIWS2023 Robinson Raven lThis is a Robinson helicopter raven l. Horizontal stabilizer corner bumped a cabinet in the hangar. The corner is bent and need to see how serious of an issue and fix it would be. See attached picture for details. Please call asap.
3/4/2024CaliforniaKTOAC172, C152,100 HR annual inspections
3/6/2024ColoradoKAPA2007 Glasair SportsmanI was halfway through a condition inspection and my longtime A&P was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer. He has more important things to worry about than airplanes but I need a condition inspection completed. The plane is fixed gear, Hartzel constant speed prop, IO-390. Thanks
3/8/2024KBTFSportCruiser100 hour
3/8/2024FLSpruce Creek Airport (near New Smyrna)2019 Vans RV-7AInterested in knowing cost for a pre-purchase inspection on this aircraft. Any and all checks you would normally do. Corrosion is a concern of mine with this aircraft in several areas. The engine was also heavily overhauled after a push rod failure and has about 8,800 total hours and about 100 SMOH. There’s a caution on the Dynon HDX for “Standby Network Error” curious if you know anything about that.
3/9/2024North CarolinaKRUQ1969 Cherokee 6 300Prebuy inspection. Modified 100 hour,, corrosion, compressions, logs and AD review, Eddie current if needed
3/10/2024AZSky Ranch Carefree1982 Cessna Turbo 210NI was trying to use a tug to take the plane out of the hanger and it jumped into reverse while plane was in hanger. Both flaps were dented in on both sides. Need inspection and repair
3/10/2024WashingtonKAWO1946 Ercoupe 415-CWindshield replacement (I have the new part) Address loose muffler and an annual inspection if possible.
3/10/2024MOK261978 Cessna 172Nannual inspection
3/12/2024TXKLBXCessna 172SFlat nose tire 5x5. Probably needs tube
3/14/2024NashvilleOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
3/16/2024Arizona5AZ32011, Sonex, SonexI need a condition inspection done and may need help installing a few avionics systems.
3/20/202460R (private air conditioned hangar)Owner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
3/20/2024CAKPOC2023 Vashon RangerThis request is for my brother in law.Vashon RangerN359VRSince the aircraft is covered under warranty, please make arrangements to work with an A&P to have the nose gear removed from the aircraft, & then shipped to us at: Engineering Dept. c/o Vashon Aircraft19825 141st Pl NEWoodinville, WA 98072 Once this has been done, please submit all receipts for the expenses to me, & we will reimburse you for those expenses. He also needs the first oil change which would not be covered. And, the propeller was struck also and we would need to see if it needs replacement.Plane is at Bracket towards the back by Mt Sac flight school.I swear it was not that hard of a landing.Mo
3/20/2024MOKansas City1955 Piper Tri PacerI am looking at buying a 1955 Tripacer and simply need a pre-purchase inspection done on it.
3/21/2024TexasF461970 172 KR/R flap track bracket
3/21/2024MOKJLN1959 Cessna 150
3/21/2024AZKCHDCessna 172LHi, Looking for a annual inspection on a Cessna 172 based at Chandler Airport in a open tie down. Wondering if you have availability, time line, cost, etc. Thank you,
3/21/2024MI9g21975 Piper Cherokee pa28-235Annual, last annual 2016.
3/22/2024FloridaKHWO1976 Cessna 172MAircraft Pre Buy/Annual
3/22/2024Owner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
3/22/2024FloridaTamp excec69 Cherokee 140Annual
3/23/2024CAKSMO1978 PA18-181Engine oil leak possibly from crankshaft seal
3/23/2024ColoradoKAPA79 Piper turbo arrowInstall a new alternator. Please sent rough estimate. Thank you
3/24/2024Owner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
3/24/2024MI9g21975 Piper Cherokee PA28-235Annual Required. Last annual done in 2016. AD's were updated to that point.
3/26/2024CaliforniaTOASEVERALsqwack repairs, 100 hr maintenance, annual inspections. In general aviation. We have 15 airplanes
3/28/2024Washingtonkpluc150R&R rudder cables + rig
3/29/2024VirginiaKFCI2021 Flight Design F2 LSA2nd annual inspection. No significant squawks.
3/30/2024i am a a&p mechanic - looking to re-certify . here in sun city center fl.
4/1/2024KTOAOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/1/2024KLBXOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/1/2024K81Owner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/2/2024KansasK811946 Aeronca 7ACJust curious what the hourly rates are for an Annual Inspection and availability. Plane is located in a private hangar. Wanting an A&P that allows owner assist on the annual. I am a Light-Sport Repairman with Maintenance Rating, but not legally allowed to sign off on this plane since it wasn't registered initially as light-sport. No known issues on the plane.
4/2/2024TXKLBX1970 Piper PA-32 (260)Annual
4/2/2024AZE25Sikorsky S52-3Radio has low volume (barely audible) reception in passenger seat. Am flexible on times for you to take make the trip out.
4/4/2024ColoradoAnimas AirparkLong EZI have a contract to purchase this aircraft. I had a Long EZ specialist form Free flight Composites in Colorado Springs perform a prebuy. Inspector said engine was safe but the compressions on the Lycoming O-320 were on on the low side for an engine with 500 hrs SMOH and some of the cylinders show signs of corrosion - one cylinder was 68/80. I'd like an engine specialist to go take a comprehensive look at the engine and give me a second opinion. Please contact me ASAP.
4/4/2024ConnecticutKMMK/KHVNMultiple PA-28-161'sWe are a growing flight school in need of regular MX and pop up issues, we are interested in overall availability of A&P's for all different types of work.
4/9/2024ArizonaKDVT2015 C182TOil change
4/10/2024KPOCOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/10/2024FLKSFB1969 ArrowAnnual Inspection
4/13/2024FloridaKAPFHawker 800XP Proline 21I have 7 items due on 4/23/2024. All items are over temp and fire switch sensor inspections. Aircraft is a Part 91 HS-125 located in a hangar at Naples, FL KAPF Thx!
4/15/2024ArizonaKTUS1981 Cessnz 182RWent flying Sunday and tower said my Transponder wasnt reporting correctly. This is a new to me Aircraft and I dont yet have an Avionics tech relationship so am looking to establish one hopefully. Trig TT31 wtih 430W. Also am considering some upgrades as well.
4/16/2024H71Owner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/16/2024CAKEMT1979 PIPER ARROW IV PA28-RT201Upon gear retraction the "Gear Unsafe" light stay illuminated and the hydraulic pump seems to continue to operate - I see high current draw on ammeter.
4/17/2024FLKORL1965, Cessna, C172 - GolfWe need an Annual Inspection performed as well as repair of pilot side nav light that is inop.
4/18/2024CaliforniaKPOCMooney M20JAnnual Inspection. Contact me to discuss.
4/19/2024MOKansas CityCessna 152I am looking to explore using you for a Prepurchase inspection or Annual for a Cessna 152 we are purchasing in Kansas City. We also are going to want to do a borescope as well. If this is something you can do let us know we will be wanting to move forward immediately.
4/19/2024WyomingKLAR1966 Super Skymaster 337aNeed help on an annual inspection. Looking for ballpark costs and time frame. I can assist mechanic as well.
4/20/2024FLOpa locka AirPortOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/21/2024COKAPAOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/23/2024TexasKlVJCessna 150 LI need to get a annual done on the plane I am buying, it’s running fairly good shape
4/24/2024ArizonaKPRC2022, Cessna 172SJust need some Avionics checks completed.
4/27/2024KMGJOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/27/2024TexasKIADGlobal 6000Kindly note subject Aircraft will arrive at KIAD on 3rd May – handler for the same @iad@signatureflight.com. Can you please assist us to address 15M check MX request on the Aircraft please in KIAD.
4/27/2024ArizonaKSDLEMB-505 Embraer Phenom 300EWe have a problem with our Wifi. We are unable to connect to the Wifi, and we are getting some WAP2 and WAP3 messages that relate to the router/access point security protocol. Is this something that your avionics people can handle?
4/27/2024FloridaKORL1965 Cessna 172 GAnnual inspection
4/27/2024KMGJOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
4/29/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Des MoinesKPRO2022 Piper Archer TXMy name is Austin with EpicSky Flight Academy. We are a flight school that operates out of Perry and Des Moines IA. We are looking for maintenance solutions for our fleet of aircraft. Please give me a call at your convenience to discuss a business opportunity between our two companies.
4/29/2024CaliforniaKBUR1998 airbus ec135 t1Having issue with engine 2 tq indication
4/30/2024OklahomaKTQH1968 Cherokee 235Went to fly plane, was dead, showing 9 volts on engine monitor. Jump started, showing 13.7 v. taxied to run up area, during run-up voltage dropped to 9 and avionics and radios shut down. Taxied back to hangar and parked. Assume battery or alternator issue?
5/2/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance New York CityKHWV81 Mooney M20JNo issues, just an annual inspection
5/3/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Charleston SCCHSAircraft experienced high vibrations during flight. From all the information this sounds more like landing doors
5/6/2024KansasOJCOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
5/6/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance St Petersburg FLKCLW1971 Cessna 172LFixes and/or further inspection for pre-purchase inspection findings:- Replace top 4 spark plugs- Fix Carb air box neck rivets- Examine/replace rusty bolts/nuts/rod end (picture attached) on nose gear- Fix pilot-side door lock (I am able to turn the lock with the key but it does not prevent the door from opening when one pulls the latch)- Window external sealant (currently allows some water to leak into the cabin)If possible, too, I would like to be shown how to replace the spark plugs.What is your hourly labor rate?Best regards,Peter G
5/6/2024New MexicoFarmington, NMmalibu PA-46Annual Inspection
5/7/2024KansasOJC1973 Cessna 177BPRE-BUY INSPECTION
5/7/2024TexasKCLLF-33 bonanza#6 cycler dropped both EGT, and CHT during flight.
5/7/2024Contact Us
5/7/2024Contact Us3EX, Excelsior Springs, MO1975 PIPER PA28-140Annual inspection, no repairs, with itemized discrepancies listed.
5/7/2024KansasKIXD1981 A36 Turboprop TradewindsBoroscope pre-buy inspection for RollsRoyce 250 turbine engine
5/8/2024Massachusetts7B31986 Enstrom 280fxAnnual inspection, replace turbo clamps, replace control turnbuckles.
5/9/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKGCN1986 U206CNeed cylinder 4 replaced. we have parts
5/12/2024TexasSouth of 11R, BrenhamCessna 2007 T182TAnnual inspection due in May. I have a buyer that wants it as soon as we can get it inspected.
5/12/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Dallas TXF69 Park-Dallas2003 Vans RV6/AThis is for an RV6/a. Experimental. It has just gone through a Condition Inspection last week, I will have those findings. I am looking for a Pre-Buy inspection. Understanding of the Home Built market would be appreciated.
5/13/2024KCRGOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
5/13/2024Owner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
5/15/2024New JerseyCape Town, Granada, New JerseyCessna 120Aircraft annual inspection and repair maintenance
5/16/2024NebraskaKCEK1962 Piper Cherokee 180The aircraft needs an annual inspection. Front strut is deflated. No wheel tire needs replaced.
5/17/2024Wisconsinkmrj1974 Piper Cherokee 180 PA28-180I am needing my annual brought up to date. Intercom works intermittently, radio is fine.
5/18/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Dallas TXF561977 C-340Fuel bladder installation, MP problem (intake leak hopefully), copilot attitude gyro installed, nose cone repair (maybe some fiberglass)
5/19/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixGila Bend Municipal, AZ1980 Cessna 172Low voltage. Breaker is popping
5/20/2024PennsylvaniaKLNS2002 Socata TB201. Mixture control is very stiff2. Exhaust clamps leaking and need replaced (I have new ones in a box and docs)3. My retractable foot pedal cable needs to be lubed.
5/20/2024FloridaX21Aeroprakt A22Also will need an annual inspection in Nov. and help in scheduling xsponder recert at annual time
5/22/2024New YorkKLDJ1980 Cessna, R182 RGI have a flat tie. It needs to be replaced.
5/23/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Los AngelesVNY1999 Beechcraft Bonanza B36Looking for a general quote for an annual
5/26/2024YTYAOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
5/26/2024Oklahoma92F2021 Aeroprakt A32I need a condition inspection.
5/28/2024Aircraft Mechanic Near Me15G1961 Piper ColtAirplane annual due by July
5/31/2024NebraskaPlattsmouth, Nebraska1974, Grumman TR-2The plane has been sitting for the last 3 years with restoration oil in it. I need to get the restoration oil out so that I can ferry it to Ankeny Iowa.
6/3/2024hilltop lake estates ,2 hour drive from houston tx.1,5 from dallas, 45m from austin txOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/3/2024KmfeOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/4/2024KHOUOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/5/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Charleston SCKRBW1975 Cessna 172MVery hard to start and when it does runs very rough. May be timing, fouled plugs, mag, or p leed grounding out.
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6/5/2024New Mexico
6/5/2024New Mexico
6/5/2024New MexicoKFMNPiper Malibu MirageNeed annual. Was due in March and had been flying frequently up until then and the pilot lost his medical. I am the new pilot looking to help the owner get this annual done and get it flying again. Thx
6/7/2024KCHDOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/8/2024TexasE01 - Monahans, TX2004 Vans RV-8AThe airplane needs a combination condition inspection / Prebuy inspection. The owner is having a hard time getting someout out.
6/10/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Tucson AZKRYN1972 310QI have been chasing a problem with my DG.. It is slaved to an old autopilot that only has the heading bug working (but I use it often as a single pilot) I changed the DG but still have a wandering needle. Need the vacuum system pressure tested and problem traced?fixed for 100hrs of pending flying in July & Aug. Also would like new break pads thrown on. Thanks
6/11/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixA39 Ak-Chin RegionalPiper PA-28-140During a recent AD review we found a few ADs that were missed on the last annual, they include AD 2017-14-04 oil line may need to be replaced, 2013-02-13 - Inspection of stabilator control system, 72-08-06 Torque link inspection overdue.
6/12/2024Aircraft Mechanic Near MeKEQY1966 Cessna 150FI have what appears to be an overheating problem. My current A&P, who is changing jobs soon and not available, has replaced the carb, checked baffling, checked/replaced all intake connections, changed the oil and looked for metal(none found) and about everything else that we could think of. It still gets up to redline(225 on gauge) at climb out. Currently running Aeroshell 100W Plus. The engine starts fine, runs great and has 0 problems. The oil pressure does stay in the green at power although it is on the bottom of the green arc. It is in the center of the arc after runup during initial start. Halfway between red and green arc when at 1500rpm and a little less, but still above red, at idle. EGT reads about 1450 on climb. I feel as though it is running lean somehow but I can't be sure. I have attached an image. The needle will go to red if I were to do a couple of touch-n-go's although the oil pressure will stay about where it is at at power. I also maybe be interested in changing out the RPM gauge with a digital engine monitor to monitor RPM, Oil P and Oil T, EGT etc along with adding an audio panel(that I currently have on hand new in the box). The Acft currently does not have an audio panel which is annoying as their is no communication with co-pilot. Two radios, but no audio panel.
6/13/2024KcmaOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/14/2024Aircraft Mechanic Near MeArtesia NM1968 Beech D55Finish annual
6/15/2024Aircraft Mechanic Bakersfield CA
6/15/2024Aircraft Mechanic Near MeN141953 Cessna 170BI got a new prop for my plane. Just need it put on and the logbook entry made. It's a McCauley 1A170, which is the original prop for this plane and in the TCDS, so I don't believe any special approval or paperwork is necessary. Hopefully a quick/easy job.
6/15/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Richmond VAKCHO2012 Vans RV12Pre-purchase inspection!
6/15/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance St Petersburg FL48x1972Was wondering about getting a oil change sometime next week
6/15/2024Contact UsL451965 Piper Cherokee 180Trying to purchase a plane located here, was interested in yalls availability, timeline, and price for a pre buy inspection on it before purchasing. Not my plane yet, but was just looking for a quote for those services. Thank you!
6/16/2024Aircraft Mechanic Near MeKLAS2004 Cessna Turbo 182TWon’t start. APU not effective. Suspect starter or something related. Doesn’t crank.
6/16/2024KTSPOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/19/2024KDVTOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/19/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKDVT1973 Piper Cherokee 180Annual inspection coming up, also need landing gear serviced (previous A&P pumped full of 5606, all struts are fully extended and he's no longer answering his phone) and nose bumper replaced (we have the replacement part). Located DVT north side hangar 35-13.
6/20/2024FloridaPalm Beach1973 Cessna 421BAt the present time we need our air-condition fixed it runs off the right engine by a hydraulic pump, plus our annual is due in December looking to get it scheduled also
6/21/2024KGPHOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/21/2024TexasT 781978 Bellanca 17-30Abeen out of annual several years due to the fact that no mobile A/I yet found will come do it .............couple of minor repairs . Brakes .... on jacks ready to inspect ,interior out
6/22/2024Georgia1964 B55 BaronScheduled annual inspection fell through due to unforeseen circumstances (mechanic). Aircraft is now out of annual and needs either annual or a ferry permit.
6/24/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKDVT1985 C150MI would like an oil change, I have a Lycoming O-320-E2D engine.
6/24/2024CaliforniaKCCB1979 Mooney M20KPre-buy inspection.
6/25/2024KDVTOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
6/25/2024ArizonaDVTCessna 336Annual
6/26/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKdvt75 Cessna 150mLeft mag drop of 300
6/26/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Kansas CityKMCIChallenger 604LH Nose Tire has Cord Showing and need to have inspection performed to verify if out of limits or not.
6/26/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Charleston SCCharleston executive KJZI1970 Beechcraft SierraThis is a prepurchease inspection. Possible it need a ADSB
6/26/2024ArizonaDVTCessna 336Annual Inspection
6/27/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance HoustonKARM1964 Mooney M20CHello, I have a M20C hangared in Wharton. Are you able to make it out there?
6/28/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKFFZ1970 Cessna 182Just need an oil change, we use Phillips 66 XC oil 20W-50 and I will include a picture of the oil filter we use as well
6/28/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Richmond VAKEZF2008 Liberty XL2I am requesting a pre purchase inspection on this Liberty aircraft for sale in Fredericksburg. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?make=LIBERTY+AEROSPACE&model_group=NO+MODEL+GROUP&model=XL2&listing_id=2431903&s-type=aircraft
6/29/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Tucson AZKTUS1981 Cessnan182RI am having an intermittent ADS B Transponder and Alt Encoder issue. Garmin 430W with latest Software. TRIG TT31 and TCI SSD120 Digital Encoder.
6/29/2024North Carolina7nc51969Need an annual inspection
6/30/2024KTYROwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
7/1/2024AlabamaKmob1974 310qI have had the right wing replaced due to corrosion. On the aft spar cap. That process needs to be finished to include installing aileron and flap cables including adjustment and rigging. The engine and prop need to be installed along with all fuel oil and electrical installations that apply to the wing removal and replacement.
7/2/2024KWHPOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
7/4/2024ArizonaHome garage Queen Creek but rent a covered spot at Gelendale Muni.ZenithNeed A&P signoff of my EAB aircraft. Paid of course. EAB special airworthiness inspection completed in 2005. plane has approximately 40 hrs total. Need a new condition inspection and sign-off of my upgrades, eng., fwf, avionics, new elt, rebuilt instrument panel. All new electrical and wiring and new 10 gal wing tanks. Will trailer to Glendale Muni for the inspection or as requested. Will require annuals after that by an A&P.
7/6/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance HoustonKIWS1957 Cessna 172 straight tailFront strut leaking hydraulic oil and does not maintain pressure. Also has an exhaust pipe that has rusted and needs a sleeve or replacement.
7/7/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKFFZ1969 Piper Cherokee 140/160Altimeter not reading correctly
7/11/2024North Carolinaraleigh, nc2012 flight design ctlsWould like to find mechanic with BRS parachute system and flight design aircraft experience.Would need mechanic to remove a full clean parachute system (BRS), send it to BRS for 12 year maintainence, and reinstall in plane.
7/12/2024Contact Usnew yourkEx 1996 Cessna 182i have a flit tire my cessna 82
7/12/2024Mobile Aircraft Maintenance HoustonKSGRCirrus SR22 G6I need a tire changed on a Cirrus. Already have the tire. Just need someone who can change it.