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Date OpenedStateAirportYear, Make, ModelAprox Start TimeDisc. Of Work Needed
8/22/2022TexasKELP1996 Cessna 210Need an A&P to assist getting a new fuel pump and doors installed to finish a project 210
8/30/2022OhioKTZR1978 Cessna 182Need oil change, as well as carb heat system examined to verify it is working properly
9/16/2022Texas06R1977 MooneyEngine remounted and four jugs installed in Mooney
9/21/2022NevadaKHIICessna 140Airworthiness certification
9/21/2022TexasKHOUCitation 750Service both engine oils and check drawers in Lav.
9/21/2022VirginaKHEF1999 Cessna 182S50 hour inspection and oil change.
9/30/2022KentuckyKY81965 PA-28-140Pre Purchase Evaluation & Annual Inspection
10/4/2022ColoradoLMO1974 Cessna 177I need a quick inspection to apply for a ferry permit. The FAA asked me to get a mechanic to sign off that the plane looks fine to fly out of annual
10/5/2022NYJFK1966 Beech A23Emergency landed there. Replaced engine. Need to install oil cooler and cowling, fix 1 p-lead, adjust throttle and mixture.
10/9/2022AZKHII1972 Cessna 310Both of the pitot tubes are clogged (left and right nose). Airspeed indicator shows no speed during takeoff. Some dirt was removed however still clogged
10/12/2022VAFRR1977 Cessna 172Annual inspection (com 2 antenna, nose strut seals optional)
10/24/2022COGXYCessna 182DPre-Purchase Evaluation
10/25/2022AZGEU1976 Piper LanceOil Change, new Oil filter, just completed 25 hour break in after over haul. (Will need oil filter back in one piece to ship out for warranty), New Hobbs meter, Led landing gear position light, Cowl flap is loose, Nose Gear tire pressure, Spark plugs, Need to check electronic manifold pressure gauge/ oil pressure gauge
10/29/2022COFNLLancairFerry Flight Inspection
11/7/2022AZKCHD1975 Mooney M20FMy mixture control knob is stuck, no play at all it feels like it may snap off or break. My new electric fuel gauge screen went blank as well
11/8/2022CAKWHP1951 Piper PA-22-150Reseal Nose Strut
11/15/2022MNK04W1974 Cessna 182I’m requesting a functional check flight to ensure all systems on aircraft work as advertised. Followed by a Pre Buy Examination.General engine condition, hot compression test followed by a borescope to ensure cylinders, cam, cam lobes, lifters, exhaust valves (wear patterns) are all in good shape. Ensure there is no rust in the engine that could lead to a required overhaul within the first few years of ownership. Please check all screens where metal can accumulate and check oil filter for metal. Please feel free to check anything I’m not thinking of but I’d like a detailed report of findings with included pictures to include borescope pics. If nothing major is found in the engine please move on to the cabin and remaining airframe. I’m concerned with major high dollar expense items that could break or become an issue in The first few years of ownership.
11/19/2022TNKRZR2007 Cessna 182Annual Inspection
11/29/2022OHI69NADo you provide services to install new avionics in a plane, typically a C172/82? I am looking to buy an older plane and update it with new avionics, etc.
12/6/2022GA20GA1981 PA-28-181I have a fuel leak. I have blue dye from the fuel staining the bottom of my plane from below the engine. It seems the leak is coming from the fuel line
12/6/2022NCKEQY1979 Cessna R182Oil Change, cut and inspect oil filter and take sample for Blackstone.
12/7/2022AZPrivate1963 pa18 supercubAnnual Inspection
12/12/2022TXKDZB1987, Mooney, M20KDescribe Aircraft Maintenance Needed: Searching for a mobile mechanic with extensive experience with Mooney aircraft and turbo Continental engines.
12/21/2022TXWest HoustonCessna 172Annual Inspection
12/23/2022CAKSMOCessna 337Annual Inspection
12/27/2022KYDVK1970 cessna 172kBrakes need bled out
12/30/2022WAOLMPiper pa-28r-201Electrical failure in flight. needed jump. then power failed (altenator)
1/6/2023AZKCHD1971 Cessna 182Annual Inspection
1/10/2023CACNO1983 lake buccaneerAnnual Inspection
1/16/2023CAKSMX1980 C172Annual Inspection
1/23/2023TXPWG1979 Cessna 210NAnnual Inspection
1/24/2023FLKPGD1978 Gruman Cheetah AA5AAnnual Inspection
1/26/2023AZKGYR1965 PA28. 140Pre Purchase Evaluation
2/2/2023COKFNLRV12I have a rotax 912uls engine where I recently found metal shavings in my oil and 2 of my cylinders also had some pitting...it is also an EAB and my yearly inspection is nearly due.
2/2/2023FLKISMCessna 172 SP100 Hour Inspection
2/3/2023AZKPHX1990 Cessna C550 (Citation II)I have a flat on the RH main tire. My home mechanic (ADS - Addison TX) has a replacement and can ship a tire for replacement.
2/8/2023NYELM1987, Beech 1900CHSI INOP. need indicator replaced with unit that is already at the airport
2/12/2023CTKHFDC172 & PA28Tire changes, oil changes, etc. on both aircraft
2/12/2023FLKCOI73 C182Rudder Trim all the way to Left for straight flight Intermittent power .
2/13/2023COIO 360 EngineLooking for an IRAN estimate and possible work
2/14/2023KEMT1975 Mooney M20CThe transponder does not show altitude. Need weight and balance. Check pitot lines are ok.
2/19/2023MOKCHT1978 Piper Seneca 2I need the right fuel selector in wing replaced (orderd valve should be here next week).Left prop fails feather check. Govener may need replaced.I am having a charging issue that I believe I have traced back to the diodes behind the circuit breaker panel. (Previous owners could not get charging system to operate/balance correctly and replaced both voltage regulators and swapped alternators from left to right and the problem remained).I would like to have the primer diverter valve eliminated (Vendor Service Bulletin No 267A I have the parts on hand).Static drain valve needs replaced (parts on hand)Gami injectors installed (Parts on order)Fuel pump switch for right engine replaced (Parts on hand)Overboost lights do not come on when MP exceeded 40"Aux fuel pump lights activate intermittently without aux fuel pumps selected.Stall warning fails to activate.Alternator field switches replaced (parts on hand)I'd like to do the Service Bulletin 1123D nose gear inspection.
2/20/2023SCCDN2018 Super PetrelConditional Inspection and dynamic propeller balance
2/22/2023NEKEAR1979 Cessna 172NPre-purchase inspection
2/23/2023TXKAMA1980 Bellanca Super VikingDescribe Aircraft Maintenance Needed: An avionics upgrade was started over 3 months ago to install a Garmin G5 stack and a Garmin GTN 650 Nav/Comm and its to the point of installing power and grounds, installing the units in the panel, powering up the units, testing and calibrating.
2/24/2023AZ5AZ32022 Cirrus SR22TMy aircraft is part of the Continental engine AD. I need to have the oil filter inspection done per the FAA fairly requirements. I am then taking the airplane to Glendale to the Cirrus Service Center
2/27/2023AZP19Cessna 1965 182Annual and a few minor repairs.
3/1/2023FLPGDGrumman AA5AAnnual Inspection
3/1/2023TXKTMEPiper AztecLH Engine Oil Pressure Dropping / LH Engine Oil Temp Rising. Looking For Mechanic To Fix.
3/1/2023WASpokaneSocota TBMCustomer called and said they need help with landing gear. Call customer for more details.
3/2/2023SCColumbiaPiper AztecStarter issues. Aircraft is AOG. Owner willing to pay extra for quick repair.
3/3/2023TXKGYI2022 Bristell 915Annual Inspection. The aircraft is in a T-Hanger
3/7/2023TXKAXHCessna 150Annual Inspection
3/9/2023MIKOZW1946 Navion ALooking for Annual Inspection - will have aircraft opened up and ready for inspection. No known issues.
3/13/2023AZKDVT1979 PA-28-181Pre-Purchase Evaluation of aircraft (customer is looking to buy)
3/22/2023KDTW1978 T210mLead from website. Customer requested how many hours to accomplish annual on Cessna 210
3/28/2023OHZZVCessna 205Alternator Feild curcit breaker keeps popping, also looking for go to mechanic for all other maintenance
4/1/2023CaliforniaKRHV l1962 Piper Cherokee 160Exhaust visual inspection. For AD62-26-06
4/3/2023TexasT411991 8KCAB Super DecathlonInquired On Phalanx Aviation About Labor Hours For An Annual Inspection
4/4/2023MichiganPrivate Hanger With elct, Heat KJXN1971 Cessna 150 Commuter.I Need a Annual done and oil change.
4/7/2023CanadaRouyn-Noranda, Canada1976 Beechcraft King Air 200Customer called Phalanx Aviation. He is Looking for mechanic to work on aircraft (Located In Canada) to get it to a ferry status. Or to dismantle aircraft for flat bed transporting. He said he'd pay for per deim and transportation. Contact him for details
4/8/2023WAKSFF1972 Piper Arrowoil leak
4/10/2023IllinoisKLOT1983 Cessna 182RFriday was flying my newly purchased aircraft from KOEO to my home base at KCAK. About 1.5 hours into flight noticed oil residue on wind screen. Made precautionary landing at KLOT to investigate and noticed copious amounts of oil on top and below cowling and dripping on ground. Aircraft had engine work completed prior to purchase (list of repairs attached). Grounded plane as precaution until it can be inspected to confirm if its airworthy. If not airworthy, need repairs completed.
4/13/2023MarylandKTGI1968 C-177 w/ Lycoming IO-360Normally aspirated engine will not fire, regardless of priming. Likely a timing or magneto issue.
4/13/2023Rhode IslandKVAY1968, Piper pa28-235Charging system troubleshooting/repair.
4/14/2023GeorgiaRyy1981 Cessna 182I’m purchasing an aircraft and would like to have a pre but inspection done. Seller has agreed to do annual inspection a month early at his cost but wants it done at his usual shop. I would like either a prebuy or an annual or possibly just have an unbiased 3rd party represent me at the annual. usual shop is H&L aircraft. If this isn’t something you do I’d appreciate a referral to someone who might. Thank you.
4/14/2023New York6B4 Frankfort, NYCessna 182RI need an Annual Inspection and I would like to keep using your company for routine Mx and Annuals’. I need this annual ASAP. Thanks, Steve Malara. No major squawks just USB port stopped working and is brand new.
4/17/2023New JerseyKCDW1979 Piper WarriorAnnual, 100 hr inspection, oil and filter change, etc.
4/19/2023CASan Gabriel Valley airport El Monte, California1978 Cessna T210The right brake has a problem and maybe a leak.
4/20/2023MO87MO (7 miles NE of KLRY)2002 Blanik L23I need an annual inspection and pitot static check on this glider. It has to be performed at the field since we are overdue. There is no power or water at the field. The IA must be able to provide documentation of $500,000 of insurance coverage.
4/23/2023TXKingsville Texas1981 falcon 50APU Nor engines will start battery voltage 23 to 25 V Suspect relay
4/24/2023MichiganKLDM1976 Cessna 182I have had a nose wheel shimey happen twice on landing once on roll out and once on touchdown. Would like everything looked at. From what I've read it could be a damper issue. Also my strut appears to be low on fluid or air.
4/26/2023MOK642004 Aviat Husky A-1BI need an annual inspection completed along with fixing PTT and battery replacement.
4/27/2023TennesseeKDKX1967 Cessna 150HI need the overhauled Continental O-200 engine reinstalled and the annual inspection completed on this aircraft. The onsite maintenance shop is too backed up to complete the job in a timely manner.
5/1/2023AZKsdl2007 Columbia 400I need the batteries recharged on the plane.
5/3/2023FloridaKMLB1962 Beechcraft DebonairThe starter needs to be rebuilt
5/5/2023WAKCLM2010 Vans RV7
5/6/2023TX6R3 Cleveland Texas1969 Piper Cherokee 140BLooking for an estimated quote to put an upgraded small avionics package in my aircraft. Almost entirely plug and play as I have the Approach Fast stack hub and harnesses on hand to support the items I own (will need PWR/GRND and a couple CB's installed as well). Will also need 2 GPS antennas mounted, the 4 place comm mic jacks installed, and an EDM 730 Engine monitoring system installed. Cabin is gutted for easy access. I work stupid hours so prefer a Text or email as the preferred correspondence method. Thanks
5/12/2023IowaDSMPA-28 & C172'sLooking for a mechanic/shop who is interested in providing ongoing maintenance for our flight school. (100 hrs, and routine maintenance). We operate a fleet of PA-28's and C172's. We have a maintenance hangar that the shop or mechanic can work in (signature flight support). We also have tooling that can be used.
5/12/2023MissouriSTJCessna 150Looking to get vacuum pump replaced and install a spin on oil filter adaptor kit
5/16/2023AZKsdl2007 Columbia 400Help with dead batteries
5/19/2023ArizonaKNYL1966 Cessna 310kAnnual inspection
5/20/2023CaliforniaKAPV1974 Mooney M20C RangerI am interested in getting a quote to have the overhead cabin vent control cable replaced on my Mooney. The cable snapped on the outside connection point to the air scoop/flap on the fuselage and the adjoining cable that comes into the cockpit. I require assistance to replace the cable which attached to an overhead knob (twists to set a Bell crank type control mechanism in the airbox/headliner to move the cable which sets the position of the exterior flap to opened or closed positions to bring overhead air into the cockpit. The air intake flap flips open with airflow over it and no cable to hold it in position without this operational cable and does not bring in adequate airflow into the cockpit on a hot day.
5/23/2023ArizonaKFFZCessna 150Pre-Purchase inspection Cessna 150G.
5/26/2023TexasLivingston, TxOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
5/28/2023CaliforniaKful1974 Beechcraft B-19 Sport 150Annual
5/29/2023AirzonaKGYR1977 Cessna 182QFlat front tire on Cessna 182 and potentially blocked pitot tube.
5/31/2023AllNationwideBell 206 B3 / Bell 206 L3/4 and Bell 407We are experiencing a mechanic shortage and want a backup option for when we are fully staffed but have too much work to complete. We operate in every state and are nomadic by the nature of our business. We do almost all maintenance in the field at the airport that the helicopter times out at. I would like to talk to someone to see if what you have to offer may work for what we are looking for.
5/31/2023IdahoU56Cessna 310Initial engine installations, fuel system calibration
6/3/2023FloridaKPGD1977 Piper Seneca IiThe aircraft is undergoing return to flying status; has not flown in 10 years. Has been hangared the entire time. Would be an extensive job
6/5/2023NevadaKHNDC172SNose strut needs servicing possible gasket kit.
6/6/2023ArizonaKGEU1976 PA32-300 (Lance)Left main hydraulic actuator line appears to be leaking. (Looks like the line just needs to be tightened but not 100%. Image below) Mount fire extinguisher (already have it just want it mounted) Engine is running slightly rough at lower rpm’s
6/7/2023TexasLivingston Tx1964 Mooney M20CAnnual Inspection. I do need a recent AD sign off of stabilizer which is N/A on my current installed part.
6/10/2023Arizonakchd1963 PIPER Cherokee 235looking to see how quickly and cost for 100 hour
6/15/2023IowaKFFL Fairfield IA1969 Piper Cherokee 235Im looking for a pre buy inspection of this aircraft if you perform them.
6/16/2023WashingtonS501978 CESSNA 172NEED A PRICE FOR AN ANNUAL
6/17/2023GeorgiaKHQU1976 Piper ArrowNeed a prebuy inspection on an aircraft located in Georgia at KHQU
6/17/2023IndianaKTYQ2003 Piper Archer IIIFailure of primary vacuum pump & possibly the aux vacuum pump indicator bulb (did not come on when the aux pump was on)
6/19/2023MarylandKGAICessna C172N 19761)I need oil cooler to be replaced, 2) need touch up paint after new flap was installed. 3)Back seat audio jack stop working. 4) need 50h inspection oil/filter replaced. 5) need wheel covers to be installed back.
6/20/2023UtahKTVY (Tooele, Utah)1969 Cessna 172Requesting your cost and availability to complete a pre buy evaluation based on an accepted purchase agreement.
6/23/2023TexasKAXH2011 Cirrus SR20G3I need my air conditioning serviced, please. I think it is low on R134.
7/3/2023TexasKHQZ1974 Piper ArcherWe have a flat bulged tire on the passenger side main. I am due in Longview this weekend (Sunday at the latest) to drop off the aircraft for scheduled work and my regular mechanic is swamped. I just need the tire/tube replaced. It's a 6.00 x 6 Part No .072-314-0. I went ahead and already bought a tube and tire just in case - I just need it swapped out.
7/3/2023VirginaKCPK1977 Piper Turbo Arrow III50 hour oil change. I have a filter and Aeroshell W100 oil. Would like to have an assist on the oil change.
7/3/2023Owner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
7/5/2023AlabamaKSEM1971 Cessna 172PKASS Aviation is a aircraft paint shop seeking mechanics services. Services include disassemble inspection removing wing tips, wheel covers, flight controls etc.. Once painting is complete reassemble aircraft, weight and balance etc....
7/5/2023KansasOJCCessna 303Fuel System Engine cross feed not working. Then some other general work. Looking for go to mechanic. Call or email me.
7/5/2023MissouriOJCCessna 303Sent this through Kansas as well. Same request (Kansas city area). Fuel System Engine cross feed not working. Then some other general work. Looking for go to mechanic. Call or email me.
7/6/2023Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKCHD1968 Piper CherokeeMy beacon light has stopped rotating. Please help.
7/11/2023CaliforniaE162001 RV-8ANosewheel needs new tire and tube. Prop needs a bit of dressing and touch up paint.
7/14/2023WashingtonKPAEBeachcraft Musketeer A23/24I need an annual on my plane. Hopefully in early August (or July). I'd preferably in Friday Harbor Washington where the plane is now or I can get a ferry permit to take it to Everett (I have hangers in both locations). It hasn't flown since its last annual which it passed with flying colors no dings with my mechanic Sid Smith with San Juan Aviation in Friday Harbor (who has been my mechanic for years) but his wife had a stroke and he's closing his shop to be with her and can't fit me in.
7/17/2023ArizonaBullhead City1966, Cessna, 172Gplane not producing full power
7/19/2023Aircraft Maintenance HoustonKAXH2011 Cirrus SR20G3I need A/C charged on my aircraft.
7/20/2023North CarolinaDarr airport, NC032016 aero adventure aventura 2Airworthiness Inspection, the bilge pump doesn’t work the radio isn’t working, lights,
7/20/2023miaOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
7/21/2023Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKGYR2010 Rans S19Looking for a pre-buy inspection of an experimental aircraft.
7/24/2023MissouriKMKCBeech 400Discrepancy of Hydraulic needs serviced and light strip above galley detached.
7/25/2023Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Kansas CityKLXT1961 Cessna 172bAnnual inspection.
7/29/2023Owner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
7/30/2023CaliforniaF701977 PA-32-300Brakes inop.
8/4/2023VirginiaKphf1978 Cessna T310RLost right brake on landing. Pedal just goes to the stop. No visible leaking.
8/4/2023Houston SWOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
8/8/2023TexasKSGR1980 Mooney 201JErratic amp meter reading. Maybe a regulater problem.
8/8/2023WashingtonKTIW2013 Cirrus SR22TNeed #2 turbo and EGT/TGT system diagnosed, and CO2 detector serviced. I have no indication on my #2 EGT/TGT. While in flight, the engine shuddered, the #2 EGT dropped off, the #1 kept climbing. I leaned, reduced power, and returned back to the airfield. Two electrical resets and there is still no indication. My fear is the #2 turbo charger has failed.
8/10/2023FloridaKCLW1965, Beechcraft BaronNeed to get annual finished up or to a point to be able to get ferry permit.
8/12/2023New JerseyKCDW1965 Piper CherokeeNose wheel shock absorber is flat, we do not know what part broke but can see the liquid has leaked on the ground.
8/14/2023KDVTOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
8/14/2023Massachusetts0B5 (Turners Falls, MA)1978 Cessna 182QI want to do a prebuy inspection of this aircraft. Can you please let me know: - Your availability - Cost involved - How experienced you are in doing prebuys in Cessna 182s? Thank you.
8/16/2023KffzOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
8/24/2023MissouriKEVU1990 Mooney M20JNeed annual or pre-buy inspection, which ever you have time for
8/24/2023FloridaPGDBeech baron B-55Right alternator not working. New alternator arrived and needs to be installed.
8/30/2023KTOAOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
9/1/2023Akron OHOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
9/8/2023Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Des MoinesKCSQ1967 Cessna 150Pre-Buy Inspection
9/9/2023VermontMorrisville VT1976 Cessna 172Pre-buy and subsequent annual inspection.
9/14/2023New YorkWatertown Airport1980 MD 500DWe need a 24 month transponder check. We have the L3 Lynx system installed in our helicopter
9/15/2023Mobile Aircraft Maintenance PhoenixKDVT1947 Cessna 120Oil change and tailwheel tire/tube replacement. Have oil, spin on oil filter, carb air filter, tailwheel tire, and tailwheel tube.
9/18/2023MarylandKgaiPiper 161 1979Landing light cable disconnect/or need to replace A few other things that inoprate thatvneed to replace/fix
9/18/2023KSDLOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
9/18/2023Aircraft Maintenance HoustonWolfe air park1948 Piper PA16I am in the process of restoring a Piper clipper. Looking for a mechanic to help when I can’t make it down to work on it. Is this something y’all do?
9/19/2023Contact UsCentennial Airport1960 Piper Commanche 250Needs annual?
9/20/2023Falcon field Mesa airport, Mesa AZOwner requested amount of labor hours for an annual inspection
9/25/2023New YorkK1f21940 j4AI have an annual and 100hr inspection needed.
9/27/2023CaliforniaKVNYDiamond DA20
9/30/2023WisconsinNeillsville, Wi. KVIQ Airport2009, SPORTSTAR, 009-1, CHARLIE HOOPERCrack near tail by the tie down. About 3 inches long. Experimental aircraft. Area seams to be fiber/plastic. Can send text for picture.
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