Pipistrel Alpha Trainer Tire Change

In this mechanic field report we show how to change a main landing gear tire on a Pipistrel Alpha Trainer.

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Pipistrel Alpha Trainer Tire Change

Aircraft: 2023 Pipistrel Alpha Trainer

This aircraft is used in a flight school and accumulates 60 – 120 flight hours per month. Flight schools are great maintenance revenue generators as the aircraft are always needing maintenance. In this MFR we replace the RH main landing gear tire due to the structural cords showing.

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Tools & Materials

Pipistrel Alpha Trainer Tire Change



How To Change Tire Pipistrel Alpha Trainer

Step 1: Jack Aircraft
Step 2: Remove Safety Wire Around Brake Disc
Step 3: Remove Axle Nut
Step 4: Secure Aircraft
Step 5: Index Wheel Halves & Release Tire Pressure
Step 6: Remove Wheel Halve Bolts
Step 7: Separate Wheel Halves
Step 8: Inspect Wheel Halves, Including O-Ring
Step 9: Apply O-Ring Lubrication
Step 10: Re-Assemble Wheel Halves With New Tire
Step 11: Torque Wheel Halve Bolts To Manufacture Spec
Step 12: Install Valve Core
Step 13: Service New Tire With Air Or Nitrogen To Manufactures Spec
Step 14: Inspect Tire For Leaks With Soapy Water
Step 15: Re-Install Wheel Assembly On Aircraft Axle
Step 16: Install New Safety Wire On Wheel Assembly
Step 17: Lower Aircraft From Jack


Pipistrel Alpha Trainer Tire Change


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